That’s right, I’m cancelling my (non-existant/VERY tentative) Friday night plans to do my boss a favor.

 …..I’m going to a gala!

 This morning my boss casually asked as she walked by my office “you want to attend [such and such foundation]’s gala tonight?” I wasn’t quite sure what to respond….was she joking?

 She wasn’t. Apparently my boss’s boss had reserved two seats for the fancy-schmancy gala for tonight, and just found out yesterday he couldn’t make it. He asked one of the execs, and he can’t make it either. (I’d overheard them talking about it, but really had no clue what that was about.)

 Luckily I have a few dresses that might work at home. It’s not formal formal, she says most people probably won’t be in long gowns, so I don’t have to pull out my former prom dress or anything. [phew!] I’m just hoping the dress I have in mind still fits!

 I’d normally be too intimidated by these things to attend, but the fact that my boss specifically asked me, the fact that my only project is starting to near it’s end (and I need to show I’m a “team player”), the fact that it’s $1,000 a plate and it’s only by luck that I was asked in the first place (and you don’t exactly get a chance to attend these things every day in my line of work) prompted me to say yes.

 At least my boss is a woman and understands I’m going to have to leave early today to get ready! Wish me luck!


UPDATE: My boss isn’t feeling so great and was tempted to skip the gala….so she suggested my boyfriend go with me instead!! I confirmed with the BF and he’s cool with going. Even better! I’m ridiculously giddy now! (Although I feel a bit bad that my boss feels sick….)