So I’m back, once again to having no internet connection. To make matters worse I can only log on for 10 minutes at a time at work (yes, I know, I shouldn’t be blogging at work in the first place). In other words, my posting will be sporadic until I figure out what I’m doing for internet access again.

I’m usually about the bottom line, but I feel wrong paying someone $80 to provide me with a new bootleg connection. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d rather pay the $25-$40 a month to a legitimate provider. Right now my tentative plans are to look into buying a wireless router, and then taking Comcast up on their first time customer offers. That’ll be about $25 before taxes and such. (The phone company is closer to $50, which, although still within my budget, I feel it’s too much.) I felt much too confined without a wireless connection, lol.

Going with Trent’s theme on The Simple Dollar this week (ethics and frugality)…. what would you do?

Do you think it’s worth saving $25-40 a month by paying a one-time fee of $80 and supporting the black market of bootlegged internet connections?

I know tons of people do it, so I won’t pass judgement. Just curious.  😉