Yesterday I left work slightly early to head over to my Whole Foods cooking class. I arrived, but before getting out of the car I decided to call my mom to make sure she was going. “Hey mom, there’s still class today, right?” Turns out it had been canceled, but since I can’t read my email at work I didn’t read her email notifying me. Well, not a total loss, I still had two options for the night, 1) I could go to my dance class I had been planning on missing, or 2) I could get stuff done at home.

I figured, dance class is $15. I would rather save that bit of money and apply it towards my dance costume instead. So that’s what I did….I went home. Once I got home I realized I could also try and return those shoes I got at DSW! I grabbed my shoes and head back out. I’d also noticed that same day that my favorite pair of black heels had just about reached their end (I’m embarrassed I even wore them to work), so perhaps it was time to start looking for a replacement pair.

After the return transaction I head right over to the DSW clearance section. I found a really cute pair of patent leather lace-up shoes for $21….unfortunately the left foot fit was “off”, so no go on that pair. [sigh] Eventually I found another pair of black heels….about 3″, black leather sling backs. Very simple, appropriate for work, yet I could dress them up. $30. Not the cheapest pair I’d seen, but I’ve started to realize that sometimes it’s better to pay another $10 instead of getting the cheapest pair I can find. That’s how I’ve ended up with so many pair of misfits in my closet. lol. I decided to get them.

So I returned $9 shoes and walked out with a $30 pair. When I shouldn’t have been shopping at all. Oh boy.

Unfortunately that’s not where the trouble ended.

I’m not sure what was going on. I wasn’t in one of my “woe is me” moods where all I do is stuff my face and buy stuff. I was just….in a shopping mood.

I decided I needed to stop by the Ross right next door to the DSW. Without going into too many boring details I’ll let you know what I walked out with.

  • “Autumn brown” faux leather purse $27.99
  • Purple-ish brown mary jane heels $11.99
  • Patent leather bow pumps $27.99
  • Black knit turtleneck dress $19.99
  • Teal knit sleeveless dress $9.99

Total after tax $104. Crap.

This is after I said I was DONE with shopping for the month.

Now, in my defense they were all somewhat sensible purchases at good prices. I’ve been needing a brown bag for ages, the mary janes are perfect for when I don’t want to wear boring black shoes (and are only 2″ or so), the patent shoes were just TOO adorable to pass up (they were exactly what I needed this past weekend for the ball, and I know I’ll wear them again and again), and the dresses are exactly what I’ve been meaning to buy. I just shouldn’t have bought them all at once.

As I got home I realized that this is what was missing from my last shoe purchase….excitement. I felt incredibly guilty for completely blowing my budget, but also incredibly excited and looking forward to the first opportunity to wear everything I just bought.

Which leads me to my final point: I still have two pairs of shoes left from my last DSW shopping spree….a pair of mile-high brown suede heels ($14.97), and a pair of red satin pumps ($11.97). I really liked the red pair, but when will I really get a chance to wear them? I figure I can wear them with my red or black dresses, but to be honest I probably wouldn’t pick the red shoes over the black ones I just bought. I know the best thing is to return both…..even if they were great deals. [sigh] Sometimes a “good deal” shouldn’t be based on how much you paid.

Moral of the story: I should’ve just spent the $15 for dance class, and saved myself $115 in the process.