I recently updated my Financial Goals page after sitting down and really thinking about what I wanted to accomplish with my money. To be honest, I’d been reading Carrie’s (from Carrie…on the cheap) story, about how she got into and out of debt and suddenly I found myself feeling like a bum, settling for mediocrity. (You know how that goes, right?) I mean, she got rid of ALL her debt, and here I am happy with my $30k student loans and my $12k car loan!  That’s $42,000 in debt.

 So I thought about it just a bit. My current savings are staying where they are….I’m not using them to pay off any debts just yet, but it’s obvious that there’s more I can do than what I’m doing now.

 As of last Wednesday I am happy to say that my emergency fund is finally back at $9,000, where it should’ve been had I stayed on budget while moving. I’ve decided to give myself a break from my emergency fund and move onto bigger and better things. Next on my list was the Roth IRA.

 While toying around on the T Rowe Price website earlier this month, (where I have my Roth IRA)I discovered they’d added a cool new tool! It automatically maximizes your yearly contribution. In order to max out I’d need to contribute $500 in addition to my $400 a month. I couldn’t take advantage of it at the time (worried about cash flow issues), but with the 5th paycheck in October I’ll be able to fund it! It won’t be completely transfer in full until December, but I’m pleased to say I’m officially “on track” to max out my 2009 Roth IRA contribution.

 Starting in November I’ve decided to really start tackling the car loan. I’ve been all talk so far, and I haven’t even made any extra payments since June! The first mini-goal I’d like to see accomplished is to get the loan down to 4-digits (or $9,999). That means paying down about $1,600. Without taking interest into account it would mean paying about $140 extra each month. Totally doable, I think.

 Finally on my radar is Lasik. I keep going back and forth about whether or not I want to get this done next year. In being brutally honest with myself, I realized it’s not essential I get this done right now, and yet I’m still checking out another place this Friday to see what they quote me. This new place supposedly takes our vision insurance, which would save me up to 15%. The good news is that it dawned on me that I could still get the tax deduction even if I don’t use flex spending, since it would bring my medical expenses over 7.5% of my income. So there’s no longer that pressure of having to wait an entire year for the surgery if I want to use my flex bucks! (However there’s still a small bit of pressure if I need to sign up for the vision insurance.) We’ll see what they say on Friday.