I’ve been reconnected with my old pal, Netflix, for a month now. Those suckers got to me after offering me a free 2-week trial. Either way, I’ve been enjoying it, taking advantage by getting hooked to two new shows: Mad Men and Gossip Girl. Now I’m hooked, and I’m stuck with Netflix until I’m done with these shows, lol.

 Anyway, I’ve realized a few things. When pondering over what DVD to get next from my queue I don’t really get excited about watching movies like I used to. I keep thinking “when am I going to find 2 consecutive hours to watch a whole movie?” Instead I’m drawn to TV shows I can watch in an hour or less. And while I used to get excited about trying new workout videos I already have plenty of DVD’s I never get a chance to use since I’m also following (or trying to follow) a running training program.

 I think for me, Netflix has turned into one of those things you only wish you have because you don’t….but now that I have it, I realize I was living along just fine without it.

 That being said, I’m going to keep my subscription for at least another month….until I’m all caught up with my TV shows! And perhaps I’ll watch a movie or two in the meantime as well. Any movie suggestions for me?