After seeing a good review for a local laser eye center in the newspaper last week I decided to set up another consultation. It couldn’t hurt, right?

I went in not expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised! Instead of feeling like a cold institution, this place made me feel at ease. The best part: the technician walked me through all of the tests, explaining what they were for, how it factored in to me being a good candidate for Lasik or not, and she even showed me all the cool colorful graphs! Even though I’d already had a consultation somewhere else, this was all new to me. (The “highlight” was when they tested me to see if I created enough tears. What did they do? They stuck a string under each of my eye lids for 30 seconds. Very scientific, huh? lol. Not as painful as it sounds, but interesting nonetheless. Has anyone had this test done?)

Without boring you with many more details, I definitely felt more comfortable here and with all other factors held constant, I would pick this place over the other any day. The best part: when it came time for pricing….it was cheaper! Not by much though, about $4,800 (vs. $5,000), however they offered me a 10% discount (something about me having insurance, and so they offered it as an “acknowledgement” that I have insurance although they don’t take it.) and after that it would come out to $4,311. They had other “packages”, but honestly, why wouldn’t I pay a little (i.e. about $1,000) extra for the best option for my eyes? (That “best option” would be the iLasik customized procedure, with a “bladeless” technique for making the flap.)

Side note: I had seen another center advertising their rates as “Starting at $1,600 per eye”. I had gotten excited, although now I figure that’s just for traditional lasik, and not the “customized” version I have been quoted.

So I was really happy with this center, and really glad I took the advice to look into at least one other place. Now, the questions are do I keep checking out other places? (It’s a hassle to have to take time from work though!) Should I figure out a way to pay for this in the near future? If so, do I get it done before the end of the year so I can take the tax deductions? Or do I wait until next year and take my time saving?

Looks like I have some more number crunching and thinking to do.

Suggestions and advice welcome.