So, I went to get my hair cut yesterday. After having paid way too much last time for a cut I ended up not liking all that much, I ended up putting this off for nearly a year (Had I waited one more day it would’ve been exactly a year). My hair was way too long, and way out of control.

 I had also put it off because I had no clue where to go. I’d loved the cut I got 2 years ago, but that place was $80 a cut, and I would prefer to keep it lower. The last cut I got should’ve cost $88 (without a coupon), so there was no way I was going back there. I’m also terrified of trying out a random new salon….I’ve gotten another 2 bad haircuts that way. Eventually my sister told me about where she gets her hair cut, and that she was pretty sure it was under $50. I thought I’d give it a shot.

 My first impression: umm….am I at the right place? It looked a little um, dumpy. One of those tiny salons that aren’t all that fancy. It just wasn’t where I’d imagine my sister getting her hair cut. I was really early so I had time to sit around and see how everyone interacted.

 In conclusion, while it wasn’t the fanciest place, I like how everyone knew each other. It wasn’t pretentious, as some other salons are. They treated me as though I was a long time customer. The employees were very entertaining. (I walked in and was greeted by a past-middle-age man wearing a bright red-orange wig tied in a ponytail on the top of his head….a la “Pebbles” from the Flintstones. Later while another female customer was swooning over the “Twilight/New Moon” boys in a magazine, our male stylist walked over to join in on the admiration.) Very laid back, very enjoyable atmosphere. I could certainly be comfortable here.

 Now, onto the hair cut…..

 I didn’t really know what I wanted when walked in. I didn’t know if I wanted to go very short as I have in the past, or just ask them to give my hair some shape while taking off an inch or two. Well, when it was time to tell him what I wanted I instinctively asked for a short cut. The guy asked “so you want a bob?” Not thinking much I said “yes, sure….a bob!” So off he went.

 I never know if I should wear my glasses or not when getting my hair cut. On the one hand I wear my glasses a lot, and I want them to cut my hair with that in mind. On the other hand I’m blind without them and can never tell what they’re doing. So, when he asked me “so how long do you want your bangs?” I thought “bangs?! Oh shit, what is he doing….” That’s when I remembered bobs have bangs. Crap. He must’ve seen the look of fear in my eyes, so he said “ok, I won’t make them too short”. I now feared for my life. (My face is oval, but slightly on the rounder side. My forehead is also tiny, so bangs would pretty much wipe out my face and make me look like a 5 year old again.)

 Eventually he let me put on my glasses, and I let out a sigh of relief. After a few more tweaks, some blow-drying… looked great! I got a cut very similar to my $80 cut of two years ago for half the price. After tip and all it was $55!!!

 I think I’ve found my salon.