October wasn’t exactly the best month for my finances. I fell behind on my weekly posting and tracking, and I’m afraid I might even be missing some cash transactions from my records. I’m hoping this is the month I learned my lesson though, and that November will go a bit more smoothly…


Regular Expenses
Rent – $1,150 / 1,150
Phone – $50 / 50.53 
Internet – $50 / 0
Student Loans – $167.25 / 167.25
Car Loan – $260 / 229.50
ST Savings – $300 / 300 (part went to cover the amounts I went over budget with.)
Roth IRA – $400 / 400
Dance – $130.00 / 90.00 (extra $40 is going towards paying my costume for January’s showcase)

Irregular Expenses
Personal – $8.33 / $55 (I finally got a haircut!!)

Variable Expenses
Utilities – $100 / 258.01 *
Groceries – $200 / 199.04
Gas – $200 /  141.06
Household – $45.00 /121.85  (went way overbudget. Bought a tea set, placemats, and plants )
Clothing – $40.00 /177.51 (I’m no longer allowed to buy shoes. Period. That includes boots, unfortunately.)
Entertainment – $100 /100.44
Set Savings – $38.29 / 38.29**

As you can see my spending was a bit high in October. I’m assuming my gas was higher because of my pottery classes being far from my place, and the grocery spending was high because I threw in a trip to Costco. Household and clothing…..well, we all know about that.  Luckily I was able to cover that overspending with any of the leftover money (categories in bold), and with a bit of help from the ST savings. (ST=Short Term) In total I was able to put away $195.10 in after balancing the budget. (Which will be paid against my car loan as soon as I get a hold of my checkbook again!)

*I’ve decided that my “Set Savings” are going to be contributed to my emergency fund exclusively, and that will be the extent of my efund contributions for now.

**Utilities were super high because I was billed for all my deposits this month. $50 went to water, $50 went to sewer, and $35 went to an assessment by water. My actual bills were only $35 or so for water and $85 for electric. I’m not sure why electric went up, but at least it wasn’t by much. I’m going to just leave it at that, and hope that it evens out in the next 3 months before my next water/sewer bill.