Is it ok if I skip this wrap-up altogether this month?

 Yes? Good. Because, um….I kinda failed at all my goals.

 Anyway, moving on, I’m determined to make November a better month, however I’m taking a slightly different approach. I’m going to try and take my mind off money (keyword: try) and focus a little on myself.

 One of the things I want to focus on, while this isn’t my “getting fit” blog (oh, you poor thing, how I’ve abandoned you), I definitely want to focus on not hating my body anymore. Ever since my boyfriend has gotten in shape, my physical state has been steadily deteriorating.  I always joked around that as a couple we maintain a pretty stable weight…. when one loses, the other gains. And now I’m starting to see that it’s true! I’d like to blame it on stress at work, and how I majorly snack when I’m stressed (I’m talking about entire cans of chips and/or pints of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting) there’s really no excuse. I simply have to hold myself accountable.

I actually weighed myself this weekend, and the damage was less severe than I thought. About 4 pounds. Not great, but I feel like I’ve gained 10 pounds, and I feel disgusting. It’s that feeling I have to get rid of. I purposely left the scale at my parents house because I don’t want to obsess with a number. I want to focus on how I feel.

 One of the key and underlying components of this is that I need to learn to manage my time. That includes finding time to sleep, limiting my TV time if need be, making time to prepare dinner, and of course, exercising.

 November Goals

1.  Do some form of exercise EVERY DAY. No excuses. Holidays are usually my cop-out days, but I’m running a 5k on Thanksgiving. That means the hardest day has been taken care of!! My plan includes running outdoors whenever possible, and any other day I can’t get outside will involve one of the many DVD’s I have. Dance classes don’t count anymore. (On Sunday, not only did I go to my dance class, I went out for a run, AND I did a whole hour of stretching. Go me! This post was written in advance, so I’ll assume that on Monday night I did as planned: dance class, then some Core Secrets afterwards. I did no exercise Monday night. I skipped dance class, but danced around at home while practicing our dance choreography….BUT I woke up early this morning and did the Core Secrets workout. As long as I go for a run tonight, I’m counting the Core Secrets for Monday.)

2. Plan my meals. I want to create a loose meal plan for each week. This will probably be my toughest goal, since it requires (go figure) planning. But it’s also the most important. Not only it will not only keep me healthy and give me the energy I need to workout every day, it’ll also save me money.

 And of course, I’ll throw in some money goals just so I don’t find myself in shambles in December:

3. No new clothes or shoes. No new “household” expenses, unless it’s for cleaning or related to the tables I need to repair.

4. Pay an extra $400 towards my car loan.  (I’m hoping that I’ll have a total of $100 extra left from Entertainment, and Gas, and possibly Groceries. My $300 ST Savings will go towards the car loan.)

 A few other unofficial goals would be keeping up with my reading schedule for Anna Karenina (probably not gonna happen, since I’d need to read about 30 pages a day, and I’m already behind), getting and keeping the apartment clean (although I need to), and repairing that side table!

 One thing at a time though….