I was all excited this morning because I was ready to post my weekly spending again! The good news is I didn’t spend much this week….the bad news is my USB thumb drive is not being recognized by the computer here at work. CRAP. I just hope it works when I get home because it’s been a WHILE since I’ve backed up those files….all my financial spreadsheets are on there!!! [sigh] I’m crossing my fingers it’ll work.

Anyway, I didn’t do much spending. From what I recall I only have a charge for Netflix, $15 for the pots I fired from my pottery class, and a trip to the grocery store. I think. I know I haven’t eaten out since dinner on Halloween, so I’m proud of that.

I’m doing well on my challenge for this month. So far I’ve worked out every day. While I technically didn’t work out on Monday, I worked out twice on Tuesday. I’ve even progressed to a new level of the Couch to 5k program! That’s big news for me.

I’m trying to be a little picky with how I spend my time and money this month. My flamenco classmates are preparing for a show, and I won’t be performing so I’ve chosen to skip classes this month. That should allow me to save all of my “dance money” towards my bellydance costume. Since my Sunday classes have already been paid for, that’s $130 I’m saving right there! I may start back up with flamenco in December after the show is done with. We’ll see how I’m feeling.

Another time “drain” from previous months was the Whole Foods classes I was going to. Not a waste of time by any means, but time consuming. This month they apparently haven’t scheduled a lot of classes, but one of the few that caught my attention was a Gingerbread House Building Workshop!! It’s $15 to attend. Should I take it? Or is that totally lame of me? lol. (Not that lameness has ever deterred me in the past….) Mostly I’m concerned if it would be worth my $15 for a workshop.*

As for my weekend, I’m hoping to go check out the galleries with the BF tonight. Since my mom is out of town (and she’s my usual gallery partner) I’m hoping the BF will enjoy it! There’s also live music at the park, so that should make it more interesting. On Saturday I’m going for a run, and then maybe going to an Art Festival not too far from my apartment. I’m calling my sister tonight to see if she wants to come too. Saturday night is jam packed with activities around the city, so if we have nothing better to do we could always find something to do. Sunday morning is up in the air, but in the afternoon I have my dance class!

It should be a good weekend….plenty of things going on, but no rigid schedule to make it stressful.

*The workshop fee is waived if you decide to enter the Gingerbread House Contest that they are hosting. Registration for a family is $25. Maybe I should check that out instead and make a house with my little cousins? Sounds like a lot of pressure though….

New Note: I just paid my Amex bill which means….I should be getting another $25 rewards card within the next two weeks!! Yay! I’m thinking I’ll either use that towards the workshop if I decide to do it, or use it to buy myself a set of heavier weights. (I currently only have a 5lb set.)