It’s official, my thumb drive is dead.

I was an idiot to not back up those files, when I KNEW that thumb drive was the only place they were stored. I’d thought before “what if I lose it?!” and still did nothing. So, a word to the un-wise…..back up your files!!

Thank goodness for this blog though!  Thanks to my posts I don’t have to do much to remember what was on my budget, what the amounts were, and I’m really glad this happened right at the beginning of the month. I didn’t have too many expenses to re-enter. This also gives me an opportunity to rethink my spreadsheets and make any tweaks I’d been too lazy to do before.

Other than that trauma, I had a pretty great weekend.

Saturday morning went a little like this: made buttermilk pancakes (from scratch, of course) while watching gossip girl, watched some more gossip girl, got in a quick workout. Showered, did laundry, folded/stored clothes, cleaned up the apartment while singing and dancing. It was great. Later in the evening we had dinner at Five Guys (yum, but definitely the last time I go to that location…..too crowded) and then went to the movies (something we hadn’t done in a while).

Sunday morning a family friend delivered a piece of furniture (like a wardrobe without the doors….but not quite a bookcase) so now I don’t have to buy a bookcase as I was considering doing! After that we met up with my sister and BIL at the arts festival and rounded out the afternoon with a burrito from Qdoba. Afterwards I went to my dance class, and I ended the evening with a quick run and an hour of stretching. Dinner was a sweet potato made at home. (Man, do I love sweet potatos!)