You know you’re kinda pathetic when the thought that excites you most is getting home, putting on some pj’s, and spending the night watching 2 DVD’s of Gossip Girl. Yes, that’s me right now. I can’t wait to go home tonight!! (Although chances are I won’t get to do that. The BF will probably want to see me or something….ugh. lol.)

I let loose a little bit last weekend and spent some big bucks (total exaggeration) on some quality baking products. Did you know vanilla is upwards of $12 for just 4 ounces?!! Crazy! And maple syrup is about $7 for 12 or 16 ounces? Geez….even so, I find it hard to use the crappy stuff. The good stuff is worth it!

My mom ended up paying for the Gingerbread Workshop and it was so much fun! I was worried at first about being the only “big kid” there with my mom….eventually a group of adults came in, and it turned out I had met one of them through work! What a small world….After the workshop I treated my mom to Moe’s and we went to Costco (where my mom bought me the Martha Stewart Holiday Treats magazine!! Eeeek! I’m so excited!)

Saturday we also had the baby shower for my cousin, which was also fun. I didn’t include it in my spending yet (since we haven’t bought it yet), but I’m chipping in to get her a car seat for the baby. It should be close to $20 in the end.

Sunday was low-key. I’m not sure what I did all day, but I know I spent the day in, had my dad deliver my hand-me-down coffee table from my sister, went to dance class, then did an hour of stretching. Not too exciting, but it was a good day.

Groceries – $135.01 / $12.89 remaining!
11/13 Publix (Baking stuff) $38.16
11/14 Costco $30.00
11/19 Publix $30.27 (misc. stuff)
11/19 Publix $36.58 (alcohol…mostly for baking, but maybe now I can do some “entertaining”?)

Entertainment – $8.52 / $34.29 remaining
11/14 Moe’s $8.52

I actually owe a co-worker money from when we went out to lunch on Friday, but I’m just planning on including that when I pay her back. Next time we go out I’m paying for her lunch.

This weekend I only have two things planned: my cousin’s 8th birthday tomorrow, and my dance class on Sunday. I may also stop by the greek festival that is going on practically across the street from me, but it depends on how much it costs to get in. I also rented Strictly Ballroom. I saw it before, loved it, and my mom hasn’t seen it yet, so a movie night is in order. I also have a list of things I want to bake. The Vegan Pumpkin Walnut bread was a HUGE success both with the family and my co-workers. If you haven’t tried it yet….do so! This weekend I’d like to make some cranberry banana bread (tried it before, it was very good, plus it helps that I have wilting cranberries and over-ripe bananas at home), some homemade pesto (I have tons of basil growing wild), and maybe some pumpkin bars if I can find someone to eat them.

Have a good weekend!