While I’m not thrilled that it’s Monday, I must say I’m excited about the short week! Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday! This morning I’m also excited about a few random things:

-They say there’s a cold front coming!!!! It would be awesome if we could have a Thanksgiving where it’s NOT 90 degrees outside! (Mostly because I really want to wear my new sweater dress with some tights.)

-I’m “running” a 5k on Thursday! Yay! (I probably won’t be able to run the whole thing, but I consider it a victory that I’ve been working out fairly consistently because of it!) I also haven’t decided if I prefer to go by myself, or if the BF should come too. Last year he was mad I didn’t tell him, but he’ll also have to stand around for a while as he waits for me to finish. Besides, I’m worried I’ll have a worse time than last year!

-My electric bill came in this morning….$58!! That’s almost $30 less than last month! I’m way more excited than I should be about this!

-I’m baking snowflake cookies this week for my sister’s birthday! Have I mentioned we’re throwing her a small surprise party? Yay!

-My cousin’s 8th birthday was ridiculously fun. It was in a private party place where they have one of those big jungle gym’s for the kids. Except halfway through one of the adults thought it would be a good idea to get….next thing you know my mom, two of my aunts, my sister, and a couple other of my 30 year old cousins were in there too! They had a pool table, air hockey, and all you can eat food. AWESOME.

-I forgot my breakfast today. Not so fun, actually.

-I know I shouldn’t, but I really want some cheetos puffs with my lunch today. They are ridiculously addictive…