I didn’t get my goals 100% accomplished, but I’m not exactly disappointed. One thing is for sure, I need to track my receipts better, particularly since I don’t have a flash drive NOR internet access at home. Paper is probably my best bet for now.

November Goals

1. Do some form of exercise EVERY DAY. No excuses. I skipped a good number of days. (10 Days, actually….not as great on paper as it feels in my head!) However I got in much more exercise that I normally would have, so I consider that a personal win!

2. Plan my meals. I can’t exactly say this goal was “accomplished”, however I only ate out 2 times at work, and I only ate out once on a week day. I didn’t have an exact meal plan, but I was definitely thinking in advance, and doing my grocery shopping around 2 or 3 meals I wanted to make. I need to work on this more in the future, but it was a good start for someone that’s never done it before!

3. No new clothes or shoes. No new “household” expenses, unless it’s for cleaning or related to the tables I need to repair. I did wonderfully on the first part, however I bought some frames for the apartment thinking I was going to have guests over for a brunch. That didn’t happen, but at least I got my two posters up.

4. Pay an extra $400 towards my car loan. I haven’t tallied up how much money I had left over (I’m guessing it won’t be too much, due to a development I will discuss in another post.) However, after my post about my car payments vs. E-fund, I’m not paying that extra money towards the car immediately, but instead putting it in my Efund, earmarked towards the car. (Thanks for all the suggestions!)

Technically there were no concrete wins, but I generally feel good about my efforts. Now, as for December….

December Goals

1. Read 15 minutes of Anna Karenina every day. Otherwise I’ll never finish. Some days will hopefully be more, but I can definitely spare just 15 minutes each day to read.

2. No new clothes or shoes.  (And yes, this needs to be a goal.)

3. Stop visiting baking blogs, they’re making me fat. Limit my baking to once a week, and SHARE. Make bread twice. (Seriously, they’re making me fat, and no matter how much I share I end up ingesting way too many calories! Unfortunately I still have to test drive the chocolate truffle recipe I’m using for my Christmas gifts. [sigh] The sacrifices I make for my friends and family….The bread thing came up because I just realized one of my goals was to experiment and learn more about baking bread….and I haven’t done it once since July! (Unless you count my disastrous attempt to make pizza with the new mixer.)

I also plan on remaining active this month, but I need to watch out for my knee! (It probably doesn’t help that I sit on my leg during work….gotta stop that too.) A few times during the month I could feel weird things going on with that knee, so working it out every day was obviously not agreeing with it. I want to keep increasing my running time, but the heavy cardio (i.e. running or the “30 Day Shred”) will have to be limited to every other day. Luckily I still have yoga and ab workouts to use in between. (And maybe I’ll start experimenting with P90X finally?) Another big thing will be watching what I eat. I’ve been skipping meals, substituting junk food (like cheetos) for complete meals, and just eating crap. Even though I’ve been working out way more than usual, I’m pretty sure I’ve been gaining weight.

I’m obviously keeping my December goals pretty simple. There will be plenty of other things going on, regardless of whether or not they make it to my list (like re-working my budget for 2010, re-evaluating my goals for the year, following my budget, limiting expenses…) and focusing on just a few things seems to work better.