Lots has been going on around here, but I wanted to drop this scenario and see what some of you think I should do. I haven’t had much time to think about it apart from last night, and I’m completely clueless about what I should do.

So, last night as the family gathered for a birthday, somehow they got the idea to go on a New Year’s cruise. The last 5 days of the year. Best part: it’s around $300 for two people. Awesome! Except one thing….would the BF go?

I asked him, (and for the record, even offered to pay if money was the issue), and his response was NO! I was heartbroken! He’s currently submitting tons of resumes and is hoping an offer comes through, so his reasoning is that if he’s interviewing or gets a job before the end of the month, he wouldn’t exactly want to tell the new employers “sure, I’ll take the job, but I’ll be gone for a week in December”.

I mean, I understand….it really makes sense, but I don’t want it to.

1) I’ve never been on a cruise, and the family (aunts, cousins, sister) has been on dozens. I’ve always stayed behind (before the passport or work was an issue), but this time it feels like everything is lined up for me to go.

2) I don’t want to have to choose between spending New Year’s with my parents or with the BF. I’m always moody if I’m not with the BF on New Year’s, but I’d probably be resentful if EVERYONE went on a cruise and I stayed behind just because I didn’t want to spend that night away from him.

3) I tried reasoning that if I stay behind this time, I’ll go on a cruise later with the BF. However he’s already gone on a cruise without me (for work….whatev), and if he does get this job, who’s to say he’ll ever have time off again?! I’ll be cruiseless this time, and cruiseless in the future.

4) I’ve also thought: are companies even going to be hiring during the holidays? (He doesn’t work with anything retail related.) I mean, is it realistic for him to think that in two weeks time he’ll get an interview and start working? Or is it more likely that he’d be slated to start after the new year?

For the record, it’s not 100%, but from the sounds of it yesterday they were pretty excited and already checking how many cabins they could get next to each other. So I need to have an idea of what I’ll decide in case they ask me for a decision pretty soon!

So….what do you think? Should I spend New Year’s Eve with my parents, or with the BF? Cruise, or no cruise?!!

And while we’re at it, do you think it’s acceptable for someone to say when they’re hired that they’re already planning to take some time off? Is there an exception during the holidays? Do you even think they’d start someone during the holidays? (In other words: how can I convince the BF to go?!!)