I heard something yesterday that pissed me off a bit. Now, I’ve been trying really hard to not judge people on their financial decisions, but I feel they deserve my scorn on this one.

I recently heard that someone I know just got a new Mercedes SUV.

Some background: this person already has a car (which they did not sell or trade in) and they have a house that they are currently putting into short-sale or foreclosure or something (since they paid way much for it than they should’ve, it’s now upside down, and I guess they can’t or don’t want to afford it anymore). So I know that this person isn’t exactly swimming in money. As for the new car, I have no clue if it’s leased or purchased (although I’m hoping it’s leased), and I have no clue how much they paid, but even if it was cheap, I don’t understand why they’d go out and get a LUXURY SUV when they don’t even have room to park the cars they have now in front of the house. (Really, there’s one for their daughter, one for their son, his wife has a car, he now has two cars, and his other son often is over to visit. They have two spots to park.)

Anyway, why on earth would they buy a new car if they already have one that’s in good shape? I asked that to the person who relayed the news to me, and their response: well, it’s almost paid off.

WTF?!! Since when is paying off your car reason to get a new one?! One would think that paying off your car would be reason to maybe take really good care of the one you already have and pocket the money you’ll soon be saving….NOT go out and get yourself a higher car payment!!

So yeah, while I’ve been trying not to judge others, this is just plain stupid. This isn’t the first dumb-ass move they’ve made (I suppose that’s only my opinion).

As a side note….if they ever try giving me money advice (as he has in the past…..trying to get me to invest in buying a $300k house 100 miles away, and countless other money schemes), I’m going to give him a nasty look and walk out.