Yes, I’m a copycat.

No, I don’t care.

Last Movie I Saw In A Movie Theater? Where the Wild Things Are
What Book Are You Reading? Anna Karenina
Favorite Board Game? How about a card game? Phase 10!
Favorite Magazine? Anything Martha Stewart
Favorite Smells? Fresh laundry. (Mmmm….dryer sheets…)
Favorite Sounds? Maybe not “favorite”, but I really enjoy the sounds of people playing tennis across the street from my apartment. I also love the sound of a thunderstorm when I’m in bed.
Worst Feeling In The World? That feeling you get at the moment you realize you’re wrong, or you did something stupid.
First Thing You Think of When You Wake? “Why is that alarm ringing? Do I really need to get up?” or “just 5 more minutes….”
Favorite Fast Food Place? Junky fast food: Taco Bell. “Higher-end” fast food: Chipotle
Future Child’s Name? Not sure….but it’s kind of a personal question, don’t you think?
Finish This Statement—“If I Had a Lot of Money,” I’d pay off all my loans, buy a house (with reasonable taxes so they don’t eat up my money!), and then travel around the world on various tours (a wine tour, an eating tour, a dancing tour, etc.)
Do You Drive Fast? Not super fast. Traffic generally does not allow me to go very fast anyway.
Do You Sleep With a Stuffed Animal? No. Even as a kid they’d end up on the floor halfway through the night.
Storms—cool or scary? Cool AND scary. Unless we’re talking about tornados and hurricanes….then just plain scary.
What Was Your First Car? Honda Accord
Favorite Drink? Brazilian Martini. Yum! (Pink lemonade and Van Gogh Acai Blueberry Vodka…..which I was finally able to find!!!)
Finish This Statement—“If I Had the Time, I Would…” Go to school to be a pastry chef. I think. (I’d need more money too.) I’d also take up about a dozen new hobbies….like playing the guitar, sewing, dancing, etc.
Do You Eat the Stems on Broccoli? Most of the time.
If You could Dye your Hair Any Other Color, What Would It Be? Hot pink? Maybe red? I’ve always thought purple would be nice though….actually, I don’t think any of those would look good on me.
Favorite Sport to Watch? Soccer, but only if I have to watch any sport at all.
What’s Under Your Bed? Nothing! I have a platform bed, it’s not very “zen” to hide stuff under it. (Yes, a platform bed makes me feel very zen….and snooty.)
Would You Like to Be Born As Yourself Again? Weird question….you mean would I want to go through this all over again as the same person? Not sure, but probably not. Not that I had a bad life, but it’d kind of suck to relive all of your childhood (and adolescent) “trauma”.
Morning Person or Night Owl? Night owl. Although my morning job is turning me into an old fart that can’t stay up until midnight.
Over Easy or Sunny Side Up? I’ve never been able to figure out what “over easy” is? Either way, I don’t like runny yolks. Scrambled, or omelette.
Favorite Place to Relax? In bed.
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? Half baked, or Coffee Heath Bar Crunch (both Ben & Jerry’s). Yum. (Edy’s French Silk is also great.)