Last week as I was out in our office lobby the guy with the flower car passed by to check if someone wanted something. I usually say “no”, but I happened to spot some hydrangeas. I love those flowers! They were $12. Not terrible for hydrangeas, but I had no money with me regardless.

Well, the guy’s a good salesguy. He convinced me that he trusted me enough to trust that I’d pay him back next week. I normally hate doing that, but I figured why not….afterall, he CAN trust me afterall.

Anyway, I was happy with my flower purchase. I got home that evening and placed them in a vase, and they looked lovely! That lasted all of one day a few hours.

The next morning I was horrified to see the first signs of wilting. Later that day when I got home from work I checked on them again….they were DEFINITELY wilting! What the hell?!!

So, now I’m caught in a bit of an awkward position. (Or it seems that way to me.) I want to complain about the flowers that lasted all of one day (I swear, I bought them on Thursday and by Saturday they were in the garbage!), but do I ask for money back? It’d be awkward to do that since I haven’t paid the guy yet, so should I just offer to pay him less? I don’t want to ask for a discount, because I don’t want to buy more flowers from him…..

What should I do?