Because I know you were all anxiously awaiting my return…right? Well, I was on vacation from work for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t expect to be disconnected from the internet for that long as well! I wish I had something truly exciting to report but instead I hope you will settle for an update of the mediocre (although enjoyable) events I experienced.

 -As you may have guessed, my family did NOT go on the cruise. Too many people couldn’t go. It’s ok though, we had lots of fun family time, including get togethers every night from the 23rd to the 28th.

-Much to my surprise, the BF got an interview a few weeks back. (And much to his surprise, once he realized it was the holiday season and most people aren’t in the midst of hiring.) They contracted him for a sort of “trial run” in which he completed a small project. They were impressed. He got the job. He starts today. I’m super happy for him!

-I have not tracked a single expense since November (pretty much ever since my thumb drive died). I’m slightly embarrassed, but not too worried. (That’s probably what I should be worried about….) I do plan on reconciling everything, so eventually I will be held accountable for my recklessness. (And I still plan on paying my cards off completely. Unfortunately that means no savings transfers until I sort everything out.)

-I got a new thumb drive! 4GB. A nice improvement from my 128MB one.

-I did a lot of shopping in December…..including a new pair of boots, a new hat, several pairs of tights, a couple of new dresses, new weights and gloves, a pull-up bar, and a yoga block and gloves. Lots got returned though (including the hat, 2 out of 3 of the tights, and the boots).

-I hand made all of my Christmas gifts (minus the BF’s heart rate monitor)….the Cookie Party was my gift to all the kids, and everyone else got a cute box with a mix of chocolate truffles and chocolate cake balls (as seen on Bakerella’s site). Everyone was super impressed. Perhaps I’ll post a picture once I find one.

-While enjoying the brisk outdoor air in my sister’s backyard on Christmas Day I was attacked by mosquitoes. Seriously. My legs looked like they had chicken pox, and itched like crazy. They’re finally starting to fade just now. (Which means I had to wear tights with my dress on New Year’s Eve….I went with red!)

-I’ve been working out nearly every day for the past 3 weeks. P90X! Go me! I’ve still managed to gain weight….I guess I forgot to stop eating crap. Oops.

-I signed up for the Fitness Training Program. It’s 7 weeks, and will hopefully have me running a full 5k by the end of that period. I start this Wednesday!

-It’s now 2010 and I still have a job. Definitely a win, even if for the time being.

I should be hooking up my internet access in the apartment sometime this week (FINALLY!) so look forward to some semi-regular posting soon!