First recap in a long time! The good news is I feel in control of my money again! It’s a great feeling…

Entertainment – $20.18 / $100.00
01/02 Netflix $18.18 (still at 3-at-a-time)
01/06 Parking $2.00 (for my Fitness 101 class)*

Groceries – $44.87 / $200.00
01/03 Winn Dixie $33.62 (they had a special….two pizzas, breadsticks, soda, ice cream, and mozzarella sticks for $11.50!)
01/03 Local grocer $2.00 (Alfalfa sprouts….LOVE them with tuna!)
01/05 Publix $9.52 (breakfast supplies)

Gas – $37.83 / $100.00
01/05 – $27.83  (@$2.65/gal!)
01/05 – $10.00 (tolls)

I don’t have any exciting plans for the weekend, other than dance rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday! I’m so excited! I love dancing group choreographies!

Actually, there is a free art festival going on this weekend, so I’m going to try and convince the BF to take me. Admission and parking are both free, so that’s a plus. We may sneak a meal out in there somewhere, but that’s all I’m predicting spending.

You know what, I’m suddenly inspired to make a new goal for myself…..I will not step foot in Target for the rest of the month. Unless it’s to return those yoga gloves I bought….I’m not convinced I want them. (Although now that I think of it I think I recycled the tags….argh!) But yeah, my trouble over the past two months have been with stepping into Target “just for fun”. That “fun” resulted in a couple hundred dollars buying stuff. I can’t even remember half the stuff I bought! (Although I will soon go through all my receipts and relay some of the more interesting stuff I got.) So yeah…no more Target.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

*That’s referring to my running/training class, which I will refer to as “Fitness 101” from here on out, since that’s it’s official name. The downside is I have to park at a meter or the parking garage each time at a rate of $1/hr. So it’ll be $4 a week, at 7 weeks that’ll be $28 in total! On second thought….should I include that under “gas and tolls” instead? hmm…

UPDATE: I usually write my recap posts the night before, so I didn’t have a chance to report that I NOW HAVE INTERNET ACCESS IN MY APARTMENT!! I’m SO excited. The only problem is the cable I wanted to use (in the 2nd bedroom) isn’t working, so I’ll have to use a splitter in the living room….which means I’ll need a second cord if I still want to be able to watch TV. And guess what, I didn’t have one at home. So tonight I have to pick one up on my way home, and the wireless will be set up soon thereafter. Yay!