Thanks to everyone that has commented so far on my post about my recent issues with my neighbor. (And feel free to add comments if you haven’t already.) Apart from my dorm life, I haven’t had experience living in an apartment and dealing with neighbors, so it’s good to hear from others with experience regarding this.

Just to clarify a few points, although I’m not sure it makes a difference… I always refer to my place as an apartment, however it is technically a fourplex. His unit has both an upstairs and a downstairs, while mine is only on the 2nd floor. I’m assuming that my living room is adjacent to his bedroom. No other units share walls with me, although I believe his downstairs walls may be shared. Directly below me (throughout the apartment) are the garages. There’s no one above me.

Either way, I thought about mentioning it to my landlord, only because he and the neighbor sounded like they were relatively good friends, and I was worried the neighbor would contact him to complain about me, painting me as inconsiderate or rude or anything else like that.  I also remembered that my landlord had two small children when he lived here, so I’m curious as to whether he ever complained about the kids’ noise (although they probably weren’t ever up and about after 11pm….so that detail wouldn’t really make a difference). I figured I probably shouldn’t….I don’t want to sound like a whiny tenant, and I felt guilty for having disturbed the guy in the first place, even though it wasn’t intentional.

I guess that has thrown me off. I feel guilty, as I’d probably be annoyed too, however I’m also annoyed that I should have to whisper in my living room because my neighbor is sleeping next door. It feels like it did back in high school when my friends would have to whisper downstairs because my parents had to wake up in the morning…..except my neighbor is not my mom and dad!!! And I’m 25 years old, not 15.

But I do agree with a few things….I have to work with him, as I don’t want to make him miserable. I’m pretty sure he owns his unit, while I’m a renter, so he’s not going anywhere. An area rug should help (I’ve been wanting one, but unfortunately they’re on the expensive side….time to set aside some money, I guess. =[  ) I’ll keep taking off my heels, and if my workout involves jumping….I’ll do it on a rug or mat, or just later in the day. (By the way, when I mentioned in the last post about worrying whether my “heels” were striking the floor the wrong way….I meant my feet, not my shoes. I generally don’t wear shoes in the apartment unless I’m walking in, or walking out.)

As for the voices going through his wall….does anyone have suggestions to how this could be prevented? (Other than me not talking at all after 11pm.) I could look into a temporary acoustical barrier….but it wouldn’t be a very cheap or attractive solution. (Or at least not both at the same time. I actually found some home theatre type acoustical curtains. They look pretty nice, but they also look expensive.) I’d also hate to spend a significant amount of money, only to have the problems continue.

Little Miss Moneybag’s comments really made me consider something else though. He had just “complained” two times before he got really pissed (first time when I started exercising, and the 2nd time when he pounded on the wall at 3am), however maybe he had already let other “annoyances” slip by? I wasn’t aware at all about the issue until that first time, so perhaps he was already at his last nerve by that time? (Although, honestly, I can’t think of many times I was up and about really late and making noise. And it’s not like I tap dance when I walk in wearing shoes. However, she also addressed that in her last comment to the previous post….the sound of normal steps might travel funny through the wood and walls. ) So yes, it’s another thought to consider.

All in all, I’m just kind of disappointed this is happening. I really like my apartment, the location, the layout, even the price….and although I have more than 6 months left here, I was kind of thinking I wanted to stay here another year. However, if this keeps on, I don’t think I want to stay. I like having people over, and I don’t want to have to be asking my guests to whisper if they stay past 10pm. Granted, I’d probably just move to another apartment….so the same issues are likely to pop up again no matter where I go.

…We’ll see what happens.