Did anyone else miss the fact that December was a 5 paycheck month?! (Or 3 paycheck….for those who are paid bi-weekly.) Due to the holidays landing on Fridays, I was paid for the last time in 2009 on December 31st (a Thursday)! Sure, it’s a technicality, otherwise January would’ve been the bonus paycheck month, but still.

Sadly, in November and December I wasn’t able to save anything, so this 5th paycheck will provide me with a nice chunk to add to my savings.

The total amount of my check was $783.95*, and I’m distributing it into the following categories:

Gift Fund: $100 (This fund was completely wiped out last month, so I’m going to go ahead and fund it with the minimum I’ll need for next Christmas. This would cover the cookie party expenses.)

Emergency Fund: $683.95 (This brings my Efund total to $9,785.52, which means I am only $214.48 from my goal of $10k.)

*I also get $65 direct deposited to my Car Account each paycheck, so instead of redistributing that I’m leaving it in the account to be used for maintenance or other car expenses in the future.