I’d say I’ve had a good week spending wise. The little spending I did was done during the weekend….and on stuff that I needed. I practiced A LOT of restraint (although not as much as I did at the mall last weekend).

I must make a confession though….the BF has been looking at Craigslist for furniture, and in the process we ran across an adorable vanity with a seat for $100. I’ve always wanted a vanity, and I’m arranging with the sellers to have a look at it. Of course, I don’t need it (what furniture do you really need but a mattress?), but I really like it…

Moving on…

Entertainment – $0! (Go me!)

Clothing – $10.68 / $40.00
1/18 Target  $10.68 (Fashion tape and bobby pins for the belly dance show next weekend)

Household – $25.82 / $45.00
1/18 Walmart $1.04 (baby wipes)
1/19 CVS $7.88 (photo printouts* and toiletries)

Gas/Parking – $76.63 / $200.00
1/18 Gas $28.80
1/18 Parking $2.00 (Fitness 101)
1/20 Parking $2.00 (Fitness 101)

Groceries – $161.05 / $200.00
1/19 Costco $64.25 (Muscle Milk, Tuna, Granola Bars, Ravioli and String cheese….this stuff adds up quick!)

Internet – $29.02 / $50.00
(I was able to get the $19.99 a month deal for 6 months….I was billed for the first half of January, as well as the next month)

Phone – $49.65 / $50.00

*I printed two pictures from CVS for my BF, they came out to about $0.60. He just started a new job in an office, and apparently the receptionist was sending him some weird flirty vibes. He thought it’d be a nice “hands off” gesture for him to put a picture of me on his desk….so I gave him a frame I had lying around and printed a couple of pictures of us from New Year’s Eve. So far it seems to be working!  (Unless she ends up thinking I’m his sister.) lol.

While I had a pretty good week staying within budget, emotionally I’ve been kind of a wreck. I’m about 90% sure it’s hormones (sorry to any guys reading this), since my thoughts have been so irrational. (Times like these I can’t imagine what it must be like to have actual depression. There’s so little I can do to control where my mind goes, and even though I’m fully aware I’m just thinking crazy, I can’t stop it.)  Anyway, things at work surely aren’t helping. The worst part is I can’t blame it on unreasonable demands from my boss, or horrible working conditions, or anything like that….I’ve brought this stress on myself. [sigh] If only I could turn back time and fix all the crap I’ve screwed up….

[ahem] Let’s end this on a good note, shall we?

I’m very excited about this weekend….tonight I might go see that vanity if the sellers are available, otherwise I hope to do that sometime early on Saturday. On Saturday there’s a festival at the botanical garden I’m going to with my family, then in the afternoon I have 1.5 hours of dance rehearsal!! So much fun! Then it’s back home for a rest, because Sunday morning I have dress rehearsal, and that night is our dance show! (yes, it is necessary for me to end all of my sentences with exclamation points.)!

So I don’t predict spending too much this weekend, although it’s quite possible I’ll eat out at some point. I’m ok with that. I also plan on finishing up my Netflix movies soon….because I’m cancelling it next week. I’m just not using it enough to justify the expense. (I also lost an envelope….where the hell did it go?!! I found the envelope. It was wedged between some couch cushions….along with my lost remote control. Oops.)

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Wish me luck on the show!