For some reason or another, about this time last week I already had it in my head that January was over; that was when I remember I’d made goals at the beginning of the month. (Oh, right….oops.) It wasn’t too bad, but there were definitely a few “Fail”s in there.

January Goals

1) Track every single expense using PearBudget, and stay within budget. I still need to catch up from last week, but for the most part I’ve been tracking everything each week! I’ll know for sure if I stayed within budget after the weekend, but as of right now it’s looking pretty good. I have plenty of room left in every category! Amazing, right?!!

2) Create a meal plan each week. Ok, this was a total failure. I didn’t plan a single week. However, I did try to get more creative with what I did cook, it was just a day to day thing. I’m going to continue to make an effort to do this, but if an entire week doesn’t go planned, I won’t be heartbroken as long as I’m not reaching out for the fast food.

3) Follow my new cleaning schedule to keep my apartment from becoming a pigsty. Um, another fail. Yikes. My apartment has definitely been a mess, mostly due to moodiness and plain laziness being so busy, of course.

4) Watch less TV, read more. I’d say I’ve done fairly well with this. Unfortunately I’ve been replacing my “TV time” with surfing the internet (i.e. reading blogs and sneaking around Facebook), and while that’s not always bad, I don’t really feel like I’ve accomplished anything at the end of the evening.

January doesn’t look so hot on paper, now that I’m looking, but I can’t really complain. I feel pretty good about it. February is also shaping out to be an exciting month. Not sure why, I don’t have anything exciting planned, but I just “have a feeling”…

February Goals

1. Start sewing! Have 1 lesson or “sewing session” each week. I’m thinking every Sunday morning after breakfast at my parents house?

2. Work out every day. Preferably in the morning, that way I have no excuse (which means I need to go to bed earlier). I stopped earlier this month when I started feeling a pain in my upper arms and freaked out that I’d get injured right before my dance show, so I stopped. I have to start up again!

3. No new plastic bags when shopping. I usually use grocery store bags as garbage bags, but I’ve been collecting them much faster than I’ve been throwing them out. I have several reusable bags, so I just need to remember to take them with me!

4. Read (at least) 15 minutes each day. Self-explanatory. I have a couple books I need to finish reading so I can review them on here, plus I never did finish reading Anna Karenina. I have to get on that!

It goes without saying that I will continue tracking all of my spending, and finally clean that apartment of mine on some kind of schedule, but I’d really like to focus on those 4 things above. I mean, I should be tracking and cleaning regardless, right?!