You know I love lists, right?

Well, Friday as I drove home from the office I was already thinking about what should be on my to-do list….

  • Balance January Spending Check!
  • Create a “Starting Snapshot” of my finances (bank balances as of 2/1/10) Check!
  • Create an updated budget with savings projections (as in “when will my savings run out”) It looks like my “Efund” will last until June, at that point I’d have to start dipping into what was formerly known as my “Downpayment Fund.”
  • Read the unemployment package they gave me
  • Fill out unemployment paperwork
  • 401K research (do I need to rollover? Or is that only when I start a new job?)
  • Cobra? (I know close to nothing about it….need to research)
  • Cancel Automatic Roth Contributions Check. Bummer.
  • Tell the BF about the layoff. Check.
  • Tell my parents about the layoff. (Hmm, not quite yet….)
  • Update resume. (Not quite done, but I’m working on it…)
  • Look for work.
  • Make a list of people who could help with the job search (as suggested by MPP)
  • Self-reflection….lots of it (currently on-going, as suggested by Latoya)

The funniest part is that…..well, I don’t feel like looking for work. Someone mentioned that could possibly be a problem if you have enough savings to last a while, and they are right. I guess my thing is that it’s pretty obvious I need to change the field I’m working in, but I don’t know that it necessarily means changing industries. I need to find someone to talk to who is familiar with the work I did and what is out there. I guess a good first step would be calling my former boss to get me in touch with his recruiters.

I could easily see myself finding some part time work and probably enjoying it for a while, but I really think I want a career and not just a job. Although I may not have a choice in the end…(at least not in this economy?)

Anyway, career musings must wait for another time….

Am I missing anything on my list? For those who have experienced a lay-off, what other things did you have on your list?