I might as well be glad for the simple things….for one, I’m really glad I got laid off at the end of the month. Otherwise it would’ve been hard for me to square things away with my spreadsheets. This way, I got to end the month of January, and start anew in February with a cleared bank account and my spreadsheets nice and tidy. (Sort of.)

A few bumps on the road: convincing Amex to let me pay off my card before the end of the statement (just entered the payment manually, no biggie), going back and tracking what checks were still outstanding out there, and canceling my Roth automatic contributions [sniffle]. Like I said, it was no big deal and I finally got it all figured out.

So here’s how I figured I’d handle things from here on out. Everything is going to go through my Bank of America checking, except for my car payments, which are handled through the Credit Union. My Efund is currently at HSBC, so at the beginning of every month I’ll be transferring $2,027.25 to my checking (that’s my “bare minimums” budget) and that’s all I’ll have to spend for the month. I’m keeping $1k in there as a buffer, as well as $500 in the BOA savings account (I don’t have the heart to close it, even though I’m not really using it for anything). As for the car, I’m transferring $229.50 (my car payment) to the CU account on the 15th of each month; my car payment is due on the last day of the month.

I’m kind of sad that I decided to cancel my Roth IRA contributions. I don’t know for how long I’ll be out of work, but I don’t want to go wild contributing, only to find I need the money later on. Who knows….perhaps I’ll get back to work faster than I thought, and if that’s the case I hope to be able to catch up for 2010. There are just too many unknowns for me right now to think about parting with that money. (Although if you have any different ideas, I’m always willing to give things a second thought….)

It turns out that I’d accumulated quite a bit of money in the Checking account that I hadn’t transferred over to my Efund. There was over $1,200 that I hadn’t accounted for somehow (I’m guessing it’s all those “irregular expenses” I haven’t paid out yet, like my car insurance) and it just kept sitting there in my account. Either way, after my severance package was added to the Efund, that brought it’s total to $13,253.34! ($2,500 of that was from the severance pay.) Once I fund February, that’ll leave me with $10,996.59.

The “transition” went far smoother than I thought, and once all the transfers go through and I confirm everything, I’ll feel even better.