I figured I might as well post my new budget. Not much really changed for now, except for the fact that there will no longer be any savings. =[ At the end of the month, anything that hasn’t been spent will be used to fund the next month, so the less I spend the longer my savings will last (obviously). I’m not counting irregular expenses in my “budget”….those are pretty much fixed expenses, so I have no choice but to pay them when they come around.

Rent – $1,150 (dang, that seems like such a big number now….)

Utilities – $100 (this will likely go down now that I’ve received a regular bill for my water. Now I can make a closer calculation, and reduce that number for next month)

Groceries – $200 (I thought about bringing this down, but I don’t want to start eating junk to lower it. For now I’ll test it out at $200 while eating healthier than I have in the past.)

Internet – $25 (This was formerly set at $50, however since I have a $20/month deal with Comcast it’ll stay at $25 for at least 6 months.)

Cellphone – $50 (I think I’m officially out of contract, but I haven’t really seen anything cheaper than what I’m already paying. That’s $50 after all taxes and fees. I think only Metro PCS has anything close to my rate. Still, I’ll continue to check out prices.)

Gas – $150 (Used to be $200, and I’m sure I can get it even lower. I want to see how I do this month before cutting that number any further though.)

Car – $229.50

Student Loans – $167.25

Entertainment – $100 (I actually didn’t change this number, as I want to be able to live a little. Of course I’ll be making an effort not to spend that full amount each month, but it feels nice knowing that I have some breathing room if I need it.)

Household – $45.00 (I certainly don’t expect to be using this for anything frivolous, but I didn’t want to get rid of it completely.)

Clothing – $40.00 (I chose to keep this category as well. It’s not much, and if I need to pay for drycleaning, or replace some part of my wardrobe when I lose weight or start interviewing, it’ll be nice to know it’s there.

Total = $2,256.75

As you can see, my rent is the highest expense. There’s not much I can do about that right now, really…..one thing I did think about though, is how do landlords feel about renting to the unemployed? For instance, if I don’t have a new job 6 months from now and I want to move somewhere cheaper, how much trouble would I get to rent a new place with no job?! I would imagine it’d raise a few eyebrows, but with a clean credit record and evidence of savings, would they give me problems?

…just a thought. I have more than 6 months to think about that, but being as much of a planner as I am, I’ve already started thinking about it, lol.