So this was my first week of unemployment. Honestly? It was awesome! Now I know why they were calling it “funemployment”. The best part is I restarted my P90X routine and I don’t have to wake up at 4am to work out! I am feeling GREAT with these workouts. Well, with the exception of the first day where I was a bit dizzy. I’ve been eating more since then and everything has gone fine.

As for spending, I’ve stayed in the apartment for the most part, so I haven’t spent a great deal. On the other hand after my one experience at the mall I realize I need to stay away from stores….

Clothing – $10.69 / $40.00
2/1 Ann Taylor $50.80
2/3 Ann Taylor -$40.11

Entertainment: $19.88 / $100
2/2 Netflix $14.97
2/2 Taco Bell $4.91

Gas/Parking: $2.00 / $150
2/3 Parking $2.00 (Fitness 101)

Utilities: $45.80 / $100
2/4 Water $45.80

Groceries: $50.30 / $200
2/3 Publix $45.30
2/4 Publix ~$5.00 (supplies for an appetizer I made for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. Except I lost the receipt.)

*Ok, so you must be thinking “what the hell, QL?! $50 on clothes?! You’re unemployed for goodness sake!” Yes, yes….I know….however, after my aunts birthday on Friday I noticed my mom had gifted her this really cute top from Ann Taylor, then she happened to mention they had a huge sale. Big mistake. I wanted to go immediately. Instead I said I’d call her so we could go together on Sunday. I later had a chance to think about it and decided I should NOT be shopping now, and canceled. I was so impressed with myself.

Well, on Monday I went to my running class, and guess what? It was canceled. That would’ve been fine and I would’ve gone home, except I’d already paid for almost two hours worth of parking. I might as well make use of it, and it just so happens that Ann Taylor Loft is across the street. So I went in and they had TONS of cute stuff. One of which was the dress I wore for New Years!!!! On Sale!!! I had bought it for $40, but here it was for $25. I was pissed. So I decided to buy another, and then return it tomorrow with the old receipt! I’m brilliant! I figured the $12.50 tank top I had been planning on taking would essentially come out for free, and the $10 cardigan was…..well, $10! Not a bad deal if you ask me. Besides, my cardigans have all been disappearing! I replaced the black one with this purchase, but I’d still like a white one.

On the employment front, I actually “spoke” to (we chatted on facebook) a former co-worker, the one who was laid off a month before me, and she said the news of my lay-off shocked a couple of people. So much that they’d apparently been speaking to other companies about finding me a job. I guess that’s pretty cool, but I still don’t know what I really want to do next. Either way, I plan on speaking to them soon and see what the possibilities are. While I hate having so many options, I kind of like the idea of calling the shots if an opportunity doesn’t appeal to me. I’m not desperate to take the first thing I run across. That being said, I can’t be picky for too long….I don’t want that to come back to haunt me later.

What else did I do all week? I slept (oh god yes!), I worked out (mmm-hmm!), I read blogs (need to cut back on the internet time), I tried to catch up with Season 5 of “How I met your mother” (online), and I tried a few new recipes. In conclusion: the BF is going to get fat again if this goes on for too long. I have a to-bake list that goes on for pages, and best of all, I have time for it now!

What I haven’t done: read a few books I need to review, clean the apartment, put away my laundry, watched “Inglorius Basterds”, or update my resume (just the thought of that right now gets me nervous).

Hmm, I guess I know what I need to take care of next week!