I’d seen several bloggers do this already (I know there were more, so let me know if I missed your link!), and I figured….what better way to get me out of my blogging funk?! Who cares if I’m a copycat?

So I walked over to my shoe closet (and unfortunately, I DO have a shoe closet….meaning a closet solely for shoes. No pun intended.) and realized….oh crap, I’m going to be berated on my blog if I admit how many shoes I have. Geez, I’m supposed to be frugal!

After that I realized 1) I never claimed to be frugal on this blog (at least I didn’t mean to…and I was wrong if I did, lol), 2) I’ve accumulated these shoes over years so it’s not like I bought them all at once, 3) I’m emotionally attached to shoes, and 4) I think I have a shoe problem. =[

Ok, so I’m going to try to provide a description and pricing, where I remember, going from left to right. Feel free to zone out here and head over to the comments directly to yell at me for having so many shoes, or just yell at me in general (although I’d rather you didn’t do that).Ā  I also realize I certainly don’t hold any records for shoe ownership…which is a little scary (and, I’ll admit, relieving).

Anyway, starting at the top, from left to right. (Click on the pictures to zoom in)

1. Black Leather loafers, (I think, the label wore off), about $40 Nine West (these are old, I’m thinking 2003)

2. Burgundy leather loafers,Ā  ~$40 Nine West

3. Cognac and Grey Mary Janes, $12 Ross (SUPER comfy.)

4. Black and White Leather heels, $30 Macy’s

5. Black Chunky Sling-backs, $30 DSW

6. Black flat loafers $45 DSW

7. Blue Patent sling backs $24 DSW

8. Red Flat Sandals, $15 Payless

9. Black Suede Mary Janes, $24 DSW

10. Black sandals (2″ heel) $24 DSW

11. Black and silver sandals (2″ heel?) $35 Parade of Shoes (closed long ago….I wore these on my first “date” with the BF…Homecoming Dance ’02!)

12. Red and White Sandals, $8 Payless

13. White Leather vintage sandals $16 after repairs

14. Plaid Flats $5 Payless (these are embarrassingly worn out and I’ve been meaning to get rid of them, but they work well when I need to slip something on in a hurry!)

15. White Gladiator Sandals $15 Payless

16. White and pink Flats $7 Payless

17. Blue Floral Flats $12 DSW

18. Brown Strappy Sandals (flat) $15 Payless

19. Blue Satin Ballet Flats $40 DSW (my first ballet flats)

20. Adidas (aka my “old” running shoes) $40 online (I use them if I think I’m going to run in the rain, or anything dirty like that)

21. Airwalks (aka “Ponverse”….since they are clearly Converse knock-offs) $14

22. Flip Flops…first pair was a freebie, 2nd pair $1.50 at Old Navy, Green pair $4 at Gap YEARS ago (another black pair is missing….also from gap, for $5)

These are my shoes on the left that are kind of hidden from view in that first picture (starting from left corner, down):

23. Bowling Shoes, $10Ā  Ebay after shipping (yes, I have bowling shoes…we used to have free bowling for ladies every Monday at school, so I bought them to save on shoe rentals)

24. Asics (current running shoes), $70? Sports Authority

25. Black Boots, Payless $25 (one of the VERY few boots that fit around my calves)

26. Tan Boots, Payless $25 (…never worn….VERY tight around the calves. I must’ve been thinner when I bought them)

The last section (yes, there’s more!) consists of my heels….here it goes…starting from the top left, to right:

27. Burgundy Suede Heels, $24 Nine West

28. Multi-colored chunky heels, $60 Nine West (my most expensive pair of shoes, other than running shoes)

29. Purple Suede Peeptoe pumps, $14 DSW (LOVE these, but not so comfy)

30. Electric Blue Suede Heels, $40 Macy’s (bought with a birthday gift card)

31. Houndstooth (or is that some other kind of “check”?) Heels, $20 DSW

32. Black and gold suede/faux-croc wedges, under $20? Payless

33. Black Suede/Wood Wedge heels, $20 Payless

34. Olive Green/Brown Patent heels, $8 DSW

35. Brown Leather/Suede/Faux-croc Heels (almost 4″!), $40 Nine West

36. Tan “suede” sandals, $17 Payless

37. Nude Sandals, $24 Nine West

38. Pink Canvas Pumps, $16 Payless

39. Brown and Gold Sandals, $45 Nine West

40. Black Satin Braided sandals, $22 Payless

41. Red Satin Peeptoes, $11 DSW

42. Black Leather Mary Janes, $40 DSW (I’ve been meaning to throw these out because they are so beat up, but I LOVE them! I’m going to try and recondition them first)

43. Brown Suede Peeptoes, $14 DSW

44. Black Leather ankle strap heels, $45? Parade of Shoes (my mom bought them for me in preparation for NYE….2000!)

45. Patent Leather Bow heels, $28 Ross

Only two more pairs of shoes are missing: a pair of really beat up gold thong sandals from Payless (about $10?) and my workboots…which I got for free at a Caterpillar raffle (career fair), valued at ~$100. I keep them in my car.

I’m not even going to attempt to add up what these shoes have cost me….I’d really just cry.