I obviously haven’t been getting out of the house much….which is good since it’s keeping me from spending money on random stuff and gas.

Groceries: $103.53 / $200
2/11 Publix $52.86

Gas & Parking: $4 / $150
2/8 Parking $2.00

Household: $5.78 / $45.00
2/8 Home Depot $5.78 (fluorescent bulbs for the kitchen)

Entertainment: $35.42 / $100
2/7 Denny’s $12.76 (treated the BF)
2/8 Wendy’s $3.18

Unfortunately the novelty of being at home 24/7 is starting to wear off. That’s not to say I’m miserable or anything, but I’m starting to run out of motivation to be productive, and as you have probably noticed I’ve been in a bit of a funk when it comes to blogging. To make matters better, ever since I told my parents, one of them has been calling me each day to “check up on me”. Yeah, nice. (Except I feel like a 10 year old again.)

I don’t think it’d be that bad at all if only I had more human contact during the day. It’s easy to get “bored” even though there’s plenty to do when you spend hours without saying a word outside your head. (Which is why I’ve taken to playing music and singing loudly while doing things around the apartment. It makes me feel better. lol)

So next week, I’m going to make the effort to get out of the house, even if it’s just to go for a walk outside, or to stop by the library to work on my resume (yeah, still need to finish that up). I also need to get more serious about either finding work, or figuring out what other options I have if there isn’t anything in my field. While I’m by no means panicking yet, or desperate to be working, I’m afraid the honeymoon is over! lol.

I don’t have much planned out for the weekend. Tonight I’m going out to the galleries with my mom (I hope, something always gets in the way), and the BF sounded like he might want to go to the movies….so we’ll see what happens.

Have a good one!