This was a pretty unproductive month, what with my moping and losing focus. Either way, I think I’ve ended the month with a bit more of a push, so I’m hoping March will be great!

1. Start sewing! This didn’t happen, and it’s looking more and more as though I’m going to have to teach myself. I’d previously planned on my mom teaching me, but it’s been tough to coordinate that. On top of that, the machine I thought I’d get to learn on isn’t in that great a shape, so I’m looking at buying a new one. (I’ve debated getting a used one, but if I stick with it…..which I likely will, I’d need to upgrade anyway.) Conclusion: FAIL.

2. Work out every day. I’ve been doing this relatively consistently. While I’d planned to have morning workouts, they’ve evolved into afternoon workouts. Which is ok, I guess….it just means I’m less productive than I hoped I’d be. Anyway, I only missed 9 out of 28 days. It sounds fine, but when you think of it that’s over 1 week out of 4. Or 75%. I’m going to call this a FAIL. (Although I’m not completely disappointed with what I have been doing.)

3. No new plastic bags when shopping. I did pretty darn well with this. But not a complete success. I forgot about this when I went to Teavana and they gave me a bag (it wasn’t groceries, so I was caught off guard). I also bought more stuff than I planned to during my last grocery trip and ran out of room in my reusable bag, so I had to take one plastic bag home. Then at the Farmer’s market I completely forgot my bags, so there went another. So, 3 plastic bags used in the whole month. Not bad for my first attempt! Either way, this is still a FAIL.

4. Read (at least) 15 minutes each day. I did absolutely terribly on this one….until the last week. (During which I read EVERY day!) Another FAIL.

Like I said before, I’m hoping March will turn things around….

March 2010 Goals

1. Apply for unemployment. Search for a new job. (That’s part of qualifying for unemployment anyway.) Now that my severance/continued pay has officially run out, I’m eligible to apply for unemployment….might as well, I’ve already indirectly paid for it, right? The job search part is going to be the challenge….the “measurable” part will be to do something, anything that will get me closer to a job for at least 1 hour a day. (And I do realize that’s very little, but it all just seems daunting to me right now.)

2. Eat well. More specifically: plan meals whenever possible, even if it’s just day to day; no eating fast food on my own, preferably only on weekends (I’ll reserve that to meals with the BF); no more making cookie dough, please.

3. Work out every day (per plan). Again, I’m keeping this. I should be at 100%, not 75%. I specified “per plan” because the plan I’m following allows for some rest days, so I’ll keep those in there.

4. Read 30 minutes a day. Since I had such a great success for one week, I want to make this a habit….as they say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Again, fiction or non-fiction counts, as long as it’s a book.

5. Use mouth wash and floss every night. Hey, don’t judge just yet! I DO brush my teeth after all….but that’s about it most of the time. Since I’m considering dropping my dental coverage I need to take better care of my teeth. No cavities so far (ever!), and I’d like to keep it that way. Flossing and mouth wash seem like a good place to start.