As of yesterday my resume has been written, proofread, revised, proofread again, and now is posted on two job search sites. (Monster and Career builder….any other suggestions?) My former boss is helping me out by connecting me with recruiters, so hopefully they will be able to get back to me with something….even if just questions, or whatever.

The first day I was laid off I thought I’d do a quick preliminary search on the sites. The results weren’t promising. There were some posts for upper-management, or senior level positions. Unfortunately my experience probably wouldn’t be able to get me anything past entry level, let alone management. I haven’t completely given up, but I realize that it’s not going to be easy in this industry.

Which leads me to a whole other question… long am I supposed to wait before I “give up” on my career?

Weeks? Months? A year? I mean, I don’t want to give up so easily, but I should be realistic. And a few factors have me wondering if this is where I should really be.

During my last review in the summer my boss had hinted that maybe this job wasn’t for me? Maybe I wasn’t happy, or realized that this work no longer excited me, and to be honest my work reflected that. I was feeling worn out, defeated……and I can’t forget that. While things would be exciting for a while with a new job in the same area, I don’t want to fool myself. Chances are eventually I would get to the same point.

When I was first laid off I briefly spoke to someone that put a different thought in my head….maybe I can get a work in the same industry, but in a different role? The thought of that excited me a bit, and made me think that maybe that’s the change I need. But seriously…..the economy sucks, and people are being let go left and right in all areas of this industry. With limited experience, what are the odds I can find one of these elusive jobs?

What I’m getting at, is I feel like I’m floundering a bit. I’m not sure what I’m searching for, I’m not even sure where to begin. I would talk to former co-workers, but again….I don’t know what I want to do with myself! That has been my problem all along, and why I didn’t move forward with my resume for a whole month.

Anyway, the search is on, and I’ve been mentioning to people I run into that I’m looking for work. I guess that’s a start.