Wow, it’s another Friday! No spending update today. I’ve been too busy, working blogging shopping,  ok, I admit…it just slipped my mind! lol. Instead I’ll give you a few other updates:

Job Front:
Nothing exciting. I actually applied for a job for the first time earlier today. I’d seen the post a couple days ago and had been kicking back and forth about it, and finally decided I had nothing to lose. Here’s the thing: it’s not what I was doing before, but it’s something I HAD done before with my former company (remember? I had a three part rotation during my first two years there). Well, the thing is that I’m not the best at it….in fact I finished that rotation never wanting to do it again with my company, BUT this position is on a somewhat smaller scale and just seems like something I can handle!

But then I start thinking of all the other things…..what if they ask me some specifics during the interview and I don’t know the answer? So embarrassing! Or what if they call my old boss for a reference? While he totally knows I’m smart and capable….he knows how that rotation ended. What if he laughs?!

I think the biggest thing I’ve been revisiting during my job post searching is the question of whether I really want to stay in the industry. Whether I’m really capable? (Since, let’s be honest, I was ultimately chosen to be let go because I wasn’t the strongest employee.) I honestly don’t know. Going back to my old position is pretty clear cut – no. But something else? If anything I could give it a shot for a few months, decide then that it’s no longer for me, and start this over…..

That being said, let’s just hope I get an interview, for starters.

(By the way, I loved this little ditty from Career Builders in the email confirming my application went through:

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get an immediate response from this employer. We have numerous ideal matches for you, so keep applying. And remember, the more you apply, the more opportunity you have to get a call back!

I dunno, I thought that was sweet of them. Although they don’t really have a bunch of ideal matches for me, lol.)

The BF Front:
Not sure how many of you care…..but holy crap I’ve been a mess at times, and the poor BF is the one to suffer. May be hormones, may be stress, but I’ve found myself lashing out un-proportionately (?) when the BF does something that annoys me. At times he has somewhat insensitively cracked jokes about my unemployment, but that was partly my fault since I’d made it seem like everything was ok (and cracked a few jokes myself). He quickly learned it wasn’t, and hasn’t done that since.

That being said, he’s employed….which has been a huge change to get used to after he’d been freelancing (and broke) for two years. Talk of moving closer to work and further from me has me on edge….Anyway, I’ll stop before I write a whole novel.

The Hobby Front:
Unfortunately I haven’t been to many dance classes since I was laid off. One, actually. Money is one constraint, and time is another….well, I should say scheduling, since I have plenty of time. Talk of choreography courses have come up again. I’m absolutely torn. These courses are so much fun, and it’s awesome what they do for me. At the same time, just the course is $130….not to mention costuming (which, let’s face it, I would totally want to do). [sigh] I guess I know what my compromise should be, but I’m a bit of a brat at times.

In other awesome hobby news, I got my sewing machine yesterday!! I practiced for a bit, and while I am no pro at this point, it’s totally not as intimidating/impossible as I thought it would be. I just need to slow down at this point, and I’ll be fine. I have some practice thread and fabric scraps, but I want to make something!! So, I may stop by the fabric store and grab some tulle to make my sister’s puppy a tutu today. =] (Or at least try to, since tulle doesn’t seem like the easiest material to sew.)

The Weekend Front:
For some inexplicable reason I invited everyone* over tonight for a “Happy Hour” at my place. It’s now 1pm and I have nothing ready….so time to get off the couch! I have some olives stuffed with pesto cream cheese planned, some Coffee Toffee bars, a couple of pizzas (if I have time for the dough, otherwise I’m making a last minute bruschetta), and of course, Brazilian Martinis (pink lemonade with Blueberry Acai Vodka). We’ll see what other stuff I become inspired to make as the time goes by. Oh, and I still have to clean!!!

Wish me luck, and have a great weekend!

*Everyone = my parents, the BF, my sister/BIL, my aunt, grandmother, two cousins….I hope I have enough cups…