In celebration of my 2nd Blogoversary I’m hosting QuarterLife Finances’ very first giveaway!!

A few weeks ago, you may recall that I posted a review for a book,” Shoo, Jimmy Choo!” The publisher had sent me a free copy and, well….I’m giving away that copy! It’s shows some slight wear, since I did read it, but there are no tears or writing on it. Either way, the best part is free! All you have to do to enter is tell me the following:

Why do you want to win? Will you be keeping the book for yourself? Do you have a sister, cousin, friend that you just KNOW would love this? (Or needs a serious intervention?)

I won’t be offended if you plan on giving it away! I’m just curious…..I want to make sure the book is going to a good home. 😉

If you aren’t interested in winning a copy of the book, please do not leave a comment! (If you want to comment on the book, feel free to do so on the post where I did the review. Which is here.)

Comments will be open until Sunday, March 21st 12pm EST. The winner will be selected at random and will be announced Monday morning, March 22nd!

Update: Unfortunately I can only ship to the US, so please keep that in mind! Thanks!