I finally was contacted by the recruiters my former boss had promised to get me in contact with, and I spoke with one of them today. She was in a bit of a hurry because she had a time-sensitive opportunity that may work for me.

I’ll admit….I was scared of talking to her. Why? Well, I’m not 100% convinced I know what I want to do. While it would be the easy thing to find a job doing something similar to what I was doing before, there’s a high possibility that 6 months from now I’ll be just as miserable. Then again, there’s the other chance that I find all I needed was a good kick in the butt and a dose of reality for me to realize my work isn’t all that bad.

Anyway, back to the conversation. Salary came up, and I wavered a bit. I ended up just saying what I was making before, and that I would expect a future salary to be in-line with the requirements for the position….or something like that. We quickly walked through my experience, including degree, school, and all that jazz.

As far as the time-sensitive position goes, it’s a company located probably 30 or so miles away and for a temporary position, which is a level up from what I was doing before. On the one hand it sounded kind of good….get some work in, get paid a couple grand for a couple weeks, and maybe that’ll remind my why I loved (or hated) my industry? On the other hand….such a short period of time means I’d REALLY need to step up my game to get myself up to speed with their project and then step in to actually do the job. The recruiter also mentioned that if I really shone they may decide to keep me on board. Well, the catch with that is that their weekly rate adds up to around $46-47k a year. WAY less than I was making before, and for more work…..that would definitely need to be negotiated if I was to consider it.

We left off that she was going to look at my resume to package it and send it to the client. Which basically means I don’t even have an interview yet. However, she did check with me to make sure I would be available should they want to interview me. That would be FRIDAY, and they would need someone to start on MONDAY!

I’m not about to get too excited though…..the more I think of it, the more I realize that she may look at my resume (or the client will), and realize that I have never actually worked at the level they are looking for a replacement (which is the actual case). And even if I pass that first test, I still have to go through the interview and “ace” it. It has made me realize one thing though….I should probably work on those interview skills, because you never know when an interview might come up!