FYI: I’m leaving this as a “sticky post”, so if you’re visiting the actual site please scroll down since there may be some newer posts…

Onto business.

I’m out of control. Seriously. The mess is building up in my apartment, and I just feel out of control. I haven’t accomplished a single thing in the past three months, and that needs to change. The weekly goals posted somewhere I couldn’t see daily didn’t work, so it’s back to the sticky posts I go…

To Do:

  • Do a goal check DAILY.
  • Take car in for 10k mile service
  • Buy wine for BF’s Bday gift (before Sunday)
  • Review the pages I marked in the “48 days” books
  • Vacuum All carpets in the apartment (on Monday, 4/5)
  • Sweep all floors (Monday, 4/5)
  • Mop all floors (Monday, 4/5)
  • Gather all documentation for Taxes, go to mom’s to file taxes (Wednesday, 4/7) Done! AND I’m getting money back!
  • Send paperwork for deduction of taxes on unemployment/visit post office (Monday, 4/5) (Mail people wouldn’t pick it up for some reason….so I’m going to have to go to the PO after all.
  • Cranberry Banana cake for Sunday (4/4)
  • Select Sewing Project #1 for April (by Tuesday, 4/6) Project 1 – doggy tutu!
  • Select Sewing Project #2 for April – Project 2 – a dress for me. I have two fabrics to choose from, and several patterns
  • Return Banana Republic jewelry Done. Loved what I had bought, but for $60 I probably wasn’t going to get enough use out of it.
  • Deposit checks at bank