March was an interesting month. The month my health insurance expired, along with my official pay….I guess reality started sinking in and it wasn’t always pretty. I had a couple of emotional breakdowns, but still, I believe things could be much worse….luckily I’ve been working out consistently, and I honestly think it’s the only thing keeping me sane right now. (Not that I always act sanely…) Anyway, all that to say my focus wasn’t exactly on my goals this month….

March ’10 Goals

1. Apply for unemployment. Search for a new job. Success! Well, success in applying for unemployment (I even got my first check), and I’ve been searching… job yet though.

2. Eat well. More specifically:

  • plan meals whenever possible, even if it’s just day to day (Semi success….sometimes planned meals, and I am now on a sort of meal plan regulating how much of each type of food I eat. After two days my weight has already started moving back down.)
  • no eating fast food on my own, preferably only on weekends (I’ll reserve that to meals with the BF) (I might’ve gotten a burrito or two on my own…but only $.89 ones!)
  • no more making cookie dough, please. (Success!)

1 1/2 out of 3….definitely not a success, but not failure either!

3. Work out every day (per plan). I worked out 29 out of 31 days (skipped two Saturdays). I’d say that’s pretty darn good! SUCCESS!

4. Read 30 minutes a day. I did great for the first two weeks….but it dwindled after that. FAIL.

5. Use mouth wash and floss every night. Um….uh…..yeah, fail. See #4.

So, if I was to celebrate the small victories…..I worked out nearly every day!! I rock!

I need April to be a better month….really….

April ’10 Goals

1. Read 30 minutes each day. I’m giving this another shot. In order for it to become a habit I need to figure out a particular time….either first thing each morning, or last thing at night. We’ll see which sticks.

2. Complete 2 sewing projects and post about them. This will accomplish two things….get me to use my sewing machine, and get me posting things other than moping. Everybody wins.

3. Track my eating for the full month. Following a meal plan would be extra good, but tracking is a good place to start.

4. Dedicate 2 hours to something career-related each day. I’ve been wondering….what the heck do I do all day? I sleep in, I waste time online, I watch “TV” (on my computer), and yet….I barely do what I should be doing….either finding a job, or figuring out where I want my life to go. So, two hours need to go towards: 1) building my skills resume (vs. technical), 2) checking out listings or contacting possible employers, 3) utilize the free resources online, 4) get my side-business ideas rolling (i.e. testing, getting samples out to people, spreading the word, designing a logo?). I’ve got plenty of stuff to do, and that should take up much more than 2 hours each day. But 2 hours would be a good minimum, even for “bad days”.

I guess my “big picture” goal for April is to get some structure into my life. If I meet all these goals, I’d say I’m well on my way there!