[I know I’ve been absent for a bit, and I’m working on improving my blogging mojo…..until then, I leave you with a few observations about my latest hobby: sewing.]

As you all should know, back in March I started on a new hobby….sewing! While I’d never done any actual sewing I HAD been watching my mom do it for years. She made us a lot of our clothes when we were kids (think matching outfits for my sister and I for every occasion), and even through middle school and high school. My mom couldn’t afford to buy us brand name clothes….but custom made, and getting to choose the styles in the material we wanted for half the price (or less)? That was WAY better. Oh, and I NEVER had to buy a formal or semi-formal dress….the first one I ever bought in a store was the dress I wore to my college graduation. And no one EVER asked if they were made at home. My mom was GOOD. (Still is, she just doesn’t sew as often.)

Anyway, all that to say that I was already familiar with how patterns worked and I had the general gist of what was going on when my mom pieced together a dress. (And yes, another clarification….I’m only sewing with patterns! No way am I designing like you see in Project Runway…that’s way beyond my abilities.) I read a couple of books that gave me some more insight and basic tips (Sew U: The Built by Wendy Guide to Making Your Own Wardrobe, and Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol)….and off I went!

Now, you’d think sewing would be a really cheap hobby….I mean, it’s way cheaper to make your clothes than buy it in the store!! However, there are two huge things wrong with that statement: 1) it’s NOT if you take into account labor (and fabrics aren’t all that cheap), and the fact that you can get clothes for really cheap at some mass retailers, and 2) it’s not cheap if I’m spending money on fabric that I wasn’t spending on clothes to begin with.

I haven’t quite tallied up my expenses related to this new hobby yet, but I know it’s a lot. Starting with $170 on the machine, $30 on fabrics to make a couple of dresses and other random stuff, $40 on tools (scissors, rotary cutter and mat, pins, and another stuff), and who knows what else I’ve “forgotten” about. Oh, like the $14 drawer set (to store fabric), the $35 table and the $20 chair I bought to use solely for sewing stuff. Do you get my drift? My mom has to keep reminding me every now and then “don’t fill your house with fabric”. While I hate her lectures, I know she’s right.

I walked into a fabric store today  and all my shopaholic tendencies came to the surface….I nearly swooned. (I’m not even exaggerating….I was literally short of breath and getting lightheaded….it was awesome!) The gorgeous fabrics of various textures and colors….the prints….the laces….oh my. If I’d had a job (i.e. income) I probably would’ve proceeded to load up on beautiful fabrics that would’ve saved me money because it’d be so much cheaper than buying a store dress!! (ahem, right. On that note, I am no longer allowed to go fabric shopping….or fabric “window shopping” alone).

So, that leaves me in a precarious position. I’ve bought some fabrics, sewn them into dresses…..and I’ve run out of stuff to sew. Now what?!! I can’t keep spending money on fabric to keep me busy that’ll just end up cluttering my closet!! Particularly in “my condition” (i.e. unemployment).

Do any of you have similar problems with your hobbies? I’d be curious to hear any suggestions on how I can support my fabric addiction hobby. Aside from selling stuff I make (I’ve considered the idea, but am not too confident with my abilities at this point…but yeah, I suppose it’s a possibility), does anyone have any suggestions?

FYI, I plan on posting a recap on the stuff I’ve made so far….including costs and pictures!! Provided I can get decent pictures, expect that relatively soon!