Just another unfocused, rambling update for you all!!

-I have NO CLUE what I should do right now. I’m thinking I should at least get a part time job to keep me sane….but doing what? Should I do retail? Pick up a random job at an office? It feels weird applying for something I know won’t be long term. Anyone have suggestions?

-I got a hold of a study guide for the middle school math teacher certification test! I figure it’d be good to read it just to satisfy my curiosity, at the very least. I’m by the 5th chapter and it’s certainly bringing back some memories from middle school! (Good ones)

-I’m always intrigued when I start read about how kids minds work, how they assimilate information and whatnot. I realized this the first time when I read the chapter about Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues in The Tipping Point. (The most interesting chapter in the book, if you ask me!) That reminded me how I loved the psychology courses I took while I was in school (I always said if I wasn’t in engineering I’d want to major in psychology). Reading about this again in the certification study guide has me glued to the screen (it’s an ebook). Maybe it’s an indication that I’m heading in the right direction?

-I know I’ve mentioned this before, but my own state of mind is seriously affecting my relationship. My BF seems to be….well, flourishing at his new job. Everything seems to be falling into place for him, while my life feels like it’s falling apart. I’m really trying to keep this from affecting us, but sometimes I can’t. Thoughts range from jealousy, frustration, and fear that one day he’ll wake up and realize that I’m a fraud.

-I’ve written my sewing posts recapping the dresses I’ve made, however I’m waiting until I can get a good picture of both dresses. Lighting is terrible in here.

-I got the idea into my head that I should start a blog for the dance studio I go to. I think it’d be fun, and I think they could benefit from it. The problem is I don’t work for them, and even if I offered to write it…would they pay? (I’m not sure I’d want to do it for free….unless they gave me free dance classes! lol) Besides, would anyone even care if their dance studio had a blog? What do you think?

-Tonight is my 3rd choreography class at the dance studio, and I’m having so much fun! I have to decide by next week if I’ll be performing this summer. I know the “responsible” thing to do would be to sit out this time….but….I want to perform!! It’s $200 for the costume. [sigh] I know I’ll feel incredibly guilty regardless what I decide. Someone, please knock some sense into me.

-Since my sleep is periodically interrupted in the mornings (I’ve been sleeping in a bit) I’ve been having lots of dreams. Weird ones, too. I’m thinking of starting a dream journal, just for kicks.

-Did you know some days I forget I’m unemployed? Yeah, not a good sign.

-I’ve been getting my money’s worth out of Netflix. I’ll just leave it at that. (If you have any movie recommendations for me, now would be the time to share. 😉 )

-I’ve been buying flowers for my dining room table every few weeks, and let me tell you, those $5 I spend are so worth it. They cheer me up every time. Right now I have deep purple campanulas.

If you made it this far…..bless your heart! lol. I hope you have a great weekend!
For all the mothers out there, have a Happy Mother’s Day!

*According to dictionary.com the definition of “philosophaster” is “a person who has only a superficial knowledge of philosophy or who feigns a knowledge he or she does not possess.”

In other words, I just thought it was a cool word and I like alliteration.