Look at me, I’m back on track!

Tracking your spending is so important….it’s the only way you can keep yourself out of trouble. For example, I didn’t realize I’d been to Whole Foods and Publix so many times in the course of one week! I also didn’t realize I’d nearly spent my whole entertainment budget in just two weeks. [sigh] So much for treating the BF to dinner later this month….

Groceries – $160.11 / 200.00
5/1 Whole Foods $7.88
5/2 Whole Foods $23.76
5/4 Publix $15.78
5/6 Whole Foods $11.76 (wine)
5/8 Publix $4.19
5/12 Winn-Dixie $15.99
5/13 Costco $80.75

Gas – $31.02 / 150.00
5/8 – $31.02

Household – $3.00 / $45.00
5/12 Bank Fees $3.00

Clothing – $31.99 / 40.00
5/2 Nordstrom Rack $31.99 (blue ballet flats)

Entertainment – $87.49 / 100.00
5/2 Netflix $14.97
5/2 Taco Bell $4.27
5/2 Mexican $6.47
5/3 Groupon $45.00 (jewelry making class!)
5/8 McDonalds $2.12
5/8 Mexican $14.66

Costco trips always come out so expensive that I often wonder if it’s really worth it. I’d say it is for some things….like the Airwick oil thingies I bought….usually when I get them at Walmart they’re 2 for $5, and at $10 for 6 of them I saved $5 right there. (And they’ll last me for months….) The string cheese I get there also saves me money compared to the 8 packs from the store (plus I can never find the right brand at the store, so they always taste kind of weird to me.) I also like to drink Muscle Milk, since it’s the best tasting protein shake by far that doesn’t not contain any lactose. Luckily they carry them at Costco, and it’s cheaper than Walmart. The only problem with Costco is I have to buy lots of everything at once, lol. I’m glad storage isn’t an issue for me.

Even though my days aren’t filled with many obligations, the weekends still haven’t lost their luster. Mostly, because I get to spend time with the BF and my family….which I don’t get to see that much of during the week. So every Friday I get giddy with anticipation.

No plans yet for this weekend, except that the BF is insisting we go to the beach again. (Did I mention I went last week for the first time in 5 years?!! The crazy part is I don’t even live all that far from the beach! I can’t believe it’d been that long!)

Have a good weekend everyone!