I’m borrowing today’s title from eemusings, so the challenge will be limiting myself to just 5 things to share. (I figured changing it to 15 on Friday would be a bit much.)

  • I went to my first jewelry class on Tuesday! (1 of 2) While I’m a bit disappointed I don’t have the regular 18 hours they offer (just 6), I’m excited that I’m going to be finishing a ring by next class! Plus, I have it ingrained in my head now that when I get married I want the BF and I to make our rings! (No, I haven’t let him in on that quite yet….lol.) We’ll see if I feel the same way after Tuesday though.
  • I haven’t sewn anything new from scratch since finishing my 2nd dress (thank you guys so much for all the compliments! You all are awesome…) , however while hanging out with my cousin last week she pulled out a bag of clothes she was getting rid of. I offered to alter anything she wanted me to, so I ended up with a dress to shorten/remove sleeves, another dress to remove ruffles from, a velvet tank top to hopefully convert into gloves (not sure we have enough fabric), some shorts I’m converting into a tank top for me, and a dress that I can convert into anything I want. Yay! Altering isn’t easy, but I like that it forces me to get a bit creative when converting items, or envisioning what I could do to them to make it more wearable.
  • My apartment lease ends in 3 months. While I could very well find a job before then, I’m worried about it. If I don’t find a job I won’t be able to get a lease in a new building. If I do get a job there’s still the likelihood that I won’t be able to afford my old rent. Either way, I’m going to have to say goodbye this place eventually…..which sucks, because I basically love this place!
  • I’ve decided to take a break from my BC pills once I run out next month. I don’t use them as much for protection as I do for the supposed other benefits….keeping to a predictable schedule, and for keeping my hormones/moods in check. However at $75 a month (and no income) that’s a bit much for me to be paying right now. Plus I’d need to pay for another checkup next month to get a renewed prescription. We’ll see what happens. If I find I’m going crazy without them after a few months I’ll suck it up and get a new prescription, job or no job.
  • Anniversary #7 is coming up soon! (Eeek! We’re getting old!) We haven’t really celebrated since the 2nd anniversary, so I definitely want to do something this year. The problem: we don’t really have an anniversary “date”, so it feels weird “celebrating” (yeah, my mind works in strange ways). At the very least we’re going to dinner! (Because I have a coupon for a local restaurant, lol)

I did it! I stuck to just 5!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend….and for those reading in the US, have a great Memorial Day! Party safe, and have a burger for me!