I mentioned before how I was upgraded to a Bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding, right? (I was originally an “attendant” since she wanted a small wedding party….but she eventually said “screw it, it’s my wedding and I’ll have as many bridesmaids as I want”, so it went from 1 MOH, to 1 MOH and 2 BM’s.) She’s also totally awesome and not a bridezilla at all, and she decided she wanted to buy our dresses for us.

While I was calling around I found out that if you aren’t ordering the dress at that shop they usually charge a $20 fitting fee….what?!! (Well, it really makes sense, but it’s not like I wanted to pay the fee.)

To make a long story short, I found a place today that had a real live sample AND they wouldn’t be charging me a fitting fee. Hoorah! I went in, tried their size 8 sample, and from the waist down it fit perfectly!!! However it wouldn’t zip up more than halfway up my back. (Dang it!)

The lady measured me, and since the dress almost zipped I figured I’d measure in at a 12, or maybe even a 10….and that my bust would determine the size. But no, I’m supposedly a size 14! Supposedly because of my hips and waist! Now, I realize bridal dresses are fit differently, and I was kind of expecting a bigger size than my “street size”, so I’m not mad about that. It’s the fact that the 8 fit perfectly at the waist and hips, and yet I’m being sized 3 sizes bigger because of my waist and hips? (And I realize they may have been stretched a bit….but NOT by 3 sizes, right?)

So, I don’t know if I’m just being stubborn, but here’s my plan…. I’m going to order just one size smaller (a 12), which is where my bust size puts me anyway according to their measurements. I’m going to keep losing weight (hopefully not at my bust) so that I am under their supposed hip and waist measurements. I don’t mind taking in fabric at the hips and waist if I’m right, but I REALLY don’t want to have to take in fabric at the bust. That’s something I can’t really do myself (the bodice has boning in it), and I imagine it won’t be cheap.

Yeah, I just needed some place to vent. I swear, the whole wedding dress industry is a big conspiracy….I’m sure they make those size charts all “off” so that everyone is forced to get alterations!!!

Oh, and I’m hoping that the sample dress had already been cut short because it was the perfect length while I was wearing my flats!