One of the recurring thoughts in my head these days has been “I’m not sure I’m good enough”. While browsing job listings online, or moving forward with the opening my shop, I can’t get that thought out of my head.

I’ve always been one of those people that are pretty good at most of the things they do. Notice I didn’t say “great”…..I’m good enough to get by, but mostly I feel like everything I do is done at a mediocre level. I can never tell if I’m just being hard on myself, not giving myself credit, or maybe I’m right and I’m just plain mediocre.

I mention this because, at the suggestion of a couple of readers I picked up the book “Crush It” (long version: “Why now is the time to Crush It! Cash in on your passion.”) In it the author asks two questions:

1) “Am I sure my passion is what I think it is?” My answer….um, I think so. I’m still relatively new to sewing, so I’m not sure if it’s passion, or just excitement from doing something new and the promise of good things to come. (And excitement at being given the opportunity to feed my shopping and hoarding urges.)

2) “Can I talk about it better than anyone else?” The answer to this is a big old NO. I’m still learning, and I have LOTS to learn.

These two questions brought me to wonder…..should I be entering a niche with so much competition? What makes me special, if I’m special at all?

I’m trying really hard to stay positive, (and I promise its not all self-doubt all the time)  mostly because I’ve already put in a bit of money on materials to get my shop started, lol. The good news is I’ve been having fun getting a little creative and trying to visualize the kind of image I want to go with for my shop. The name has been picked out, I’ve reserved my shop name on Etsy, now I need to work on product descriptions and getting decent pictures taken. I keep telling myself, even if I don’t make a ton of money I’m having fun and doing something I’ve always wanted to try. Besides, as Gary says in the book….you don’t have to be THE BEST out there, you just have to work everything else to your advantage. (FYI, That’s some serious paraphrasing on my part.)

A few more notes about the book, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting, although I’m not sure I was expecting anything in particular at all. However I’m still glad I read it.  It also helped that it was a super quick read. (I basically read it all this afternoon.) After reading that one thing goes without saying….I need to start a new blog geared towards my creative pursuits (i.e. sewing). I’m still a little confused as to how it’s going to work itself out (mostly because I’m stubborn), but I figure I should get things rolling and see how it evolves as I get comfortable with my new platform.

Anyone else read the book and want to say more about it?

Any tips for me? (Or just want to offer assurance that I’m not alone in my feelings of mediocrity? lol)