I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but it has….It’s time for the yearly student send off!

Every year the local alumni association has some kind of event to send off the new freshman class to school. I’ve pretty much attended every year but this year….well, I’m not sure I want to go. For two reasons.

The first is the more obvious reason: everyone always wants to know what it is you do.

Well, every other year I had an easy answer. As you all know, I’m currently “between jobs” ([ahem] unemployed. Still.) The answer, while still easy is slightly awkward. I’m not sure I want to be there having to answer the same question to everyone I meet. Besides, do you really want to have one of your first experiences with your school’s alumni to be with the unemployed alumna? I don’t exactly exemplify the ideal alumna at the present, do I?

On the other hand, it’d be a good way for me to maybe network (while the event is about the students, inevitably you walk out of there meeting a few new people….be it parents or alumni).

The other reason is slightly more silly. (Although still valid, if you ask me.) The incoming freshman always want to hear campus tales, and find out the inside scoop about the school. It’s now been 4 years since I graduated and the campus has changed so much in that small amount of time that I’m really starting to feel out of touch. Last year, listening to some of the current students talking I really noticed the gap and it made me a bit sad to realize I was no longer such a recent grad.

Anyway, I’ll end this before I start getting all nostalgic and moody.

I know what I’m leaning towards, but I’d like to hear some other opinions too…so what do you think? Should I go? Should I skip it this year?