Yay! Another post!

I’m feeling my impulsive self this afternoon….and why? Well, I’m still on a high from receiving my very first interview call!!! (Which is awesome, since….well, it’s a call back. But at the same time it kinda sucks since….well, ONE interview in 8 months?! That’s pretty pathetic.)

So I got a phone call from a job I applied to online about a month ago. (Whoo!) The cool part is she told me I had an “awesome, awesome” resume (whoo times two!). The not-quite-as-good part is that it wasn’t a call back from the “perfect” job post I applied for last week….and I just realized you all wouldn’t know about that because I didn’t post it from my QL twitter account….so let’s back up…

The quick version: last Thursday I found a listing for a job that basically was EVERYTHING I should be looking for. The title for the position is a tiny step up from my previous title, but basically I have the full capacity to fulfill all the duties, plus I fit all the requirements. Plus it’s in the city in which I live. Score. (I haven’t heard back from them yet, and while it’s a supposedly “anonymous” listing, I was able to reverse look up their fax number and I now know the company that it came from. I was debating on whether I should give them a call….but that’s a whole other topic.)

So yeah, today’s call wasn’t from them. It was from a position I had applied to on a lark, since they’re looking for someone with background in my industry, yet the position isn’t actually doing what I was doing before.  So technically I have close to zero experience in that role. (Does that make any sense? I’m trying to be just vague enough.) The call was from the department head, and she said she would like to meet with me (even though she wasn’t 100% sure that I wanted to take my career in that direction, I told her I was open to it…), so we set up an interview….FOR TOMORROW!

So tomorrow, at 4pm I will be interviewing with their company!

The awesomest part: the office is 2.8 miles away. 2.8!! That would make for an AMAZING commute!

The parts I’m most apprehensive about: she asked briefly if I knew Spanish, and I do….I’m fluent. But when she asked if I could write in Spanish I was dumb enough to say I didn’t have great grammar. I’m such an idiot! I mean, it’s not great, but you don’t say that straight off the bat!!  My weakest point is my spelling, but that’s something I could easily fix with a spell check or a dictionary. Ugh.

Secondly, this is a completely new direction I’d be taking my career in. Do I really want that? I think if they feel I can do a good job with the (lack of) experience I have, then I’d give it a shot. I’m just not used to being “confident” at my abilities in succeeding with something I’ve never tried before, so I’m wondering how that’ll come across in the interview.

I guess my only issue with this job would be the fact that I would prefer the other position I applied to last week. However, there’s plenty of competition for that one, and there’s no guarantee I’ll even get an interview. Then again, imagine I get offered this one, only to get called in for an interview a few weeks later?

There are plenty of “what-ifs” out there, but I guess I should just focus on the situation at hand. Tomorrow I need to gather as much information about the position as possible, see how confident I can be in the abilities I already have, and just give them a clear imagine of who I am, how I work, and what I can do. If it’s a good fit, I’ll take it from there….

(In the meantime I’ll be re-reading my posts about salary expectations, printing out my resumes, and working on my answer to the question of all questions: if you were to compare yourself to any animal, what animal would you be?!)