Just thought I’d pop in again and say hello! (No need to be a stranger, right?)

Well, I haven’t heard anything back from last week’s interview. To be honest, I’m sure they’re having the same reservations as I am….am I really right for the job? Anyway, more on that next week, because right now I have to get ready to go catch a plane!

This weekend I’m heading over to another state where my college roommate is getting married!! Remember that time I blogged about getting fitted for a bridesmaid dress? Well, I ended up ordering two sizes smaller than recommended (by measurements I was told to order a 14, but I ordered a 10 instead). I then proceeded to lose almost 0 (yes, zero) pounds. When the dress arrived a couple of weeks ago…..it fit like a glove!! I was so worried, but it all worked out wonderfully. I still had to take up the hem, but I was able to do that myself.

I’m excited about the whole thing, but what worries me most? My hair. When the bride originally asked if we wanted a hair appointment I said no (pfft…$50 or more to do my hair? No thanks…). Turns out I’m the only one doing their own hair and I’m freaking out a little. So my plan is to blowdry (I can do that!) and do a simple low bun (I think I can do that). Hopefully I will not be judged for not having a fancy updo.

Aside from that I’m still having the typical “oh crap, am I forgetting something? Do I have enough underwear?” freak-out….I’m just hoping I have the essentials for the big day. I’m willing to wear the same shirt for the other two days if I have to…I just can’t mess up the bride’s ceremony! lol. And might I add that a 1 quart bag is simply TOO small to pack all the products and makeup needed for a trip like this?!! lol. (That’s only an issue because I’m too scared/cheap to check the bridesmaid dress in my luggage….so it’s all carry-ons for me!)

Wish me luck!