I was at my parents house earlier this week, catching up with them as we hung out in the kitchen. My dad was standing by the window when he noticed a neighbor trying to park his car out front. Suddenly my dad is freaking out, yells out “your car!!”, and runs outside….

Turns out one of the neighbor’s friends was trying to parallel park his car between the neighbor’s car (in front of him) and my car (which was behind him). In the process he was backing up into my car. By the time my dad ran out he had already bumped into the neighbor’s car at least once, he had taken a chip of paint off my front bumper and was in the process of scraping it a second time.

Well, my dad was flipping out….mostly because the guy had already bumped into my car twice and was still not quite convinced that his car didn’t fit in that small space. (How many bumps does it really take to figure that out?!) Meanwhile I was already wondering if it was really worth all the hassle to make a big deal out of this….I mean, two scrapes aren’t going to affect the functionality of my car, and there weren’t any dents….did I really want to create a big stink about this? On the other hand, the dumbass should’ve been more careful and if he’d have stopped after the first contact with my car I would’ve had just a tiny chip and not a bigger scrape. I should be entitled to a fix, right?

Eventually the neighbor came out of his house and the guy came out of his car. He must’ve been cranky, because when my dad suggested that he pay for retouching the damage he jumped to conclusions and said “what, you’re going to sue me now?” eventually followed by “if you want to call the cops, call them!” (Which, for the record, while I wasn’t too keen on involving cops before, that just pissed me off…)

The end of the story is very anti-climactic. After the drama and attitude from the neighbor’s friend the report was never filed. Then, after letting my dad “do the talking” to come to an agreement about the repairs he ended up not agreeing to anything (what? after my dad was the one to make a big deal out of it all?!)

With such an anti-climactic end, I’m sure you’re wondering why I brought up this story at all. I only wanted to set the scene in order to ask you guys

What would you do? Would you insist the guy fix the damage one way or another, or would you brush it off and let it go? If you’d let this one go, how much “damage” would there have to be to make it worth the trouble?