I totally feel like I’m nearing the end of a long vacation. Which isn’t surprising, since that’s essentially what is happening. It just seems funny to me. This isn’t just any Friday…things feel different. I keep wanting to play down the significance of my finding a job, until I remember that I’ve been out of work for A YEAR. It is a pretty big thing.

I’ve been taking advantage of these last few days to do things I won’t be able to starting next week….such as making trips to JoAnn Fabrics in the middle of the day, gong to the golf/driving range with my dad in the morning, a picnic lunch at the botanical garden (which I only did one other time the whole year I wasn’t working….can you believe that?), taking my car in for service, and day-long marathon sewing.

There are still other things I need to do,  which I’ll be working on this weekend…like figure out what I’m going to start taking for lunch, figuring out what I’ll be wearing (and re-evaluating and getting my working wardrobe back in order), figuring out when I need to wake up and leave the house. Added to my weekend plans, my sister wants to take me out to lunch or dinner to celebrate….plus I want to squeeze in a dance class (my mom bought me passes for Christmas). I’ll have plenty to do, which is good, since it’ll keep me from worrying about all the “what-ifs” I have running through my head right now.

May you all have a good weekend. Wish me luck! I’ll be back on Monday to tell you how my first day went.