So…about this new job…

I won’t be going into too much detail on here, but I’m basically in the same industry as before, just working from a different side. I’m pretty happy with that.

The downside to the job is that they’re starting me out on….$12 an hour.

Yeah. Bummer.

Calculated out to an annual salary, that’s less than half of what I was making before. Quite the blow to my ego*….

Anyway, it’s not permanent. (The pay, that is.)  I’m technically on a probation period right now, and after that is over I will be switched from hourly to salaried with benefits, and pay will be renegotiated. However in the meantime….I have to make it work. I’m saving the numbers post until after I get my first check. To save you from the suspense, I’ll go ahead and share that I will likely have to borrow from my savings until I move out of this apartment. One thing is for sure, I already know I won’t be renegotiated to more than $50,000 (due to a detail that was let out after I was offered the job…)

Other details I’m willing to share:

  • It’s a small company. 4 people work in the office….I’m number 5.
  • They’ve got a lot of work and they’re growing! That’s a comfort, given the industry I came from. (In fact, the position opened up because they just couldn’t handle the workload anymore.)
  • They’re all pretty young. My supervisor is only 27! (That’s just one year older than me.) I’d be surprised if the owner (a woman) was over 40.
  • The office is almost 20 miles from my apartment. It’s not too long a drive in the morning (it took me about 25 minutes this morning) but in the evening it could take an hour….or more. Today I got home in exactly an hour. Perhaps if I stay later it wouldn’t be as bad?
  • The good part of being paid hourly is that I actually get paid for what I work. Which means if I have to work overtime it works out in my favor! (I gotta focus on the positive….)

*Now that we’re talking about ego….as you can imagine I’m now having to give people the news that I found a job. Being my usual self, I keep wanting to tell people “oh, I got a new job. It doesn’t pay very well, but….

And then I realized: it’s not their business whether or not it pays well!! This is going to sound really shallow (who am I kidding, it IS shallow…) but my job title sounds pretty good, and that makes me feel a little better.