I  feel like I really tried last month to keep things in line. I’ve always worked well with weekly paychecks, and with such a straightforward budget it really should’ve been easy….but it wasn’t.

I guess I’ve just been out of practice, and since I got my tax refund mid-month the buffer didn’t really motivate me to be careful with the numbers. So….I’m making goals for the month in the hopes that I’ll be a little more disciplined. (And yes, I realize we’re practically mid-month, but late is better than never…)

May ’11 Goals

  1. Track expenses and report here each Friday. (Just like in the good old times…)
  2. Close my no-longer-free Chase Account (can you believe they’re charging me?! Jokes on them….there’s no money in my account! This includes checking, savings, and credit card.)
  3. Wrangle up the money to pay off my car. (Still haven’t done this….first I was waiting for the summary of all my past payments, then I just let it sit…time to get it done!

And for the non-finance stuff…

  1. Make my follow-up laser appointment. (Hm, just realized I hadn’t mentioned this….)
  2. Read one book. (Picking it up at the library on Friday…)
  3. Clean up my room. (You’d think with all the time I spent at home while unemployed, things would’ve been nice and clean…..but you’d be wrong.)

So kids, May is looking like it’ll be my regrouping month. I’m over the initial excitement of finally having a job (although I’m still enjoying it), and the reality of managing my finances is kicking back in. Wish me luck (and will power, lol).

P.S. Thanks for the comments and suggestions in the previous posts. A few comments I want to reply to regarding helping out with my budget:

“Get rid of the car”. Sadly this never occurred to me, but I think it’s worth it for me to have a car in this city. Everything is so far away from everything, and transit doesn’t really have it “together” here. I’d much rather pay up than complicate my life that much right now. (Geez, I feel like such a brat saying that…)

“Get a roommate”. Yikes! Another one I hadn’t considered…..(and another one that makes me sound like a spoiled brat) but mostly because I did the whole roommate thing in college and I don’t want to do that again. I’ve gotten so used to living on my own that the only roommate I’ll ever consider having is my boyfriend….and that’s not going to happen anytime soon. I’d rather move into a smaller place and still have that freedom. (Speaking of which, I should probably starting looking into new neighborhoods….)